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I saw the Erunit and I've never been more terrified in my life. It was like a ghost made of ice, with eyes that seemed to pierce through my very soul. Its voice was like a cold wind, and when it spoke, I swear I could feel the frost settling over my skin. I don't know what they want or why they're here, but I never want to see one again. They're not of this world, and I don't think we're meant to mess with them.
— Someone claiming to have seen the Erunit

The blizzard howled ferociously, the wind tearing through the jagged peaks of Yudhelm. Six Erunit, massive ice giants, strode through the storm, their long white hair and beards whipping in the wind as they marched through the frozen wasteland.

"The world is in danger," Dam'i, one of the Erunit, boomed in a gravelly voice. "The balance has been disturbed, and we must act."

The other Erunit nodded, their pale blue lips set in grim determination. As the Keepers of the World, it was their duty to maintain balance and order.

"What do we do?" Levkha asked, his voice barely audible above the howling storm.

"We must go to Synead," Dam'i replied, his eyes burning with determination. "There, we will reset the world. It is the only way to save it."

Without hesitation, the Erunit set off towards the desert nation of Synead, their powerful strides easily covering the distance, their magic freezing their way across the seas. As they approached the desert, they could see the devastation that had been wrought by war and Selfishness. The Erunit could feel the imbalance in the air, and they knew they had to act quickly.

Without hesitation, they began to use their powers, freezing everything in their path. All of humanity fell to the icy touch of the Erunit, their bodies encased in ice. The blizzard raged on, the Erunit working tirelessly to freeze the entire world. As they did, they could hear the cries of the people, begging for mercy and help. But the Erunit were resolute in their mission. They knew that it was the only way to save the world from itself.

The Erunit's powerful magic spread the icy grip of winter across the entire planet in a matter of hours, enveloping the world in a new Ice Age. The Erunit could sense that their task was complete, and they knew that the humans would live, one day thawing out and waking to a new world, with no memory of the past.

"It is done," Dam'i said, his voice heavy with sadness. "We have saved the world, but we can no longer stay in it without magic. We cannot return to Yudhelm."

The other Erunit nodded, their eyes filled with sorrow. This transformation meant that they, too, would have no home within this newly frozen world - no place for them without magic - and so with heavy hearts but resolute minds, these six mighty creatures left Eivrall behind them; leaving nothing but faith behind in humanity's ability to find its way again and restore balance within itself once more.

Civilization and Culture


In the remote and frigid expanse of Yudhelm, there is said to exist a race of beings renowned for their immense stature and godlike powers. The Erunit, as they are known, stand at over 220cm in height, with pale grey-white or blue skin and sunken eyes, blue lips and ice blue or white eyes. Growing their wispy hair long, only in shades of white, some even sport long white beards.

It is believed that these mysterious creatures were born from untested magic and possess a range of magical abilities connected to the power of ice and cold. When they appear, it is said that blizzards follow in their wake and anything they touch can freeze solid. Their strength is said to be so great that they can repel large men with a single blow. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the Erunit continue to capture the imagination with their mythical powers.

However, the existence of the Erunit is largely considered mythical due to the inaccessibility of Yudhelm and the shroud of mystery surrounding it. Rocks with runic carvings have been discovered on the outskirts of Kjersia, leading some to believe in their existence, but this has not been proven conclusively by academics. The Erunit are referred to as the "Keepers of the World", believed to guard something precious.

Despite the lack of solid evidence, the stories and legends surrounding the Erunit continue to captivate the imagination. Some say that the arrival of the Erunit is marked not only by the blizzards they bring, but also by the sound of their presence, amplified by a mysterious temperature inversion. Despite these tales, their validity remains unknown and is largely dismissed as myth.

Erunitian Runes by Gabrielle Decker
Average Height
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pale blue to white
Artists Rendition of an Erunit Male by Gabrielle Decker

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