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Moechi Manoban

Hailan Moechi Manoban

Some say this Hailan Moechi Manoban was an explorer and loved animals. A Hailan of my heart.
— Aewydim Scibodaeth
  Moechi Manoban is part of the Anvilion Hailans and was a brave explorer in most of Agia. He became a Hailan after several contributions to the discovery of animals and plants in Agia. It is customary for churches to hold ceremonial blessings for animals on Moechi’s Feast Day, the 10th of Virendydd Diomdu.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Moechi had always been an adventure by heart, but his family was of humble origin. He started his first adventure at a very young age, finding creatures to study. It was not long after he gained the attention of the Church of Irath who sought him to be part of the church in order to get more access to his studies. They approached him and asked him to become a monk, in return sponsoring his travels within reasons.

Moechi knew he would have a far better chance of going on his adventures and find more creatures and plants if he had the church behind him. He agreed and found the teaching also interesting, especially the parts about the origin of animals and the First Species. He became Irathian at heart and wanted to spread the truth about the origin of species, animals, and plants, and came up with new theories. These theories are still in use today.

Moechi spent all his life travelling around different places and found unique plants and animals on the Southern Island of Agia. That was until he started hearing about a beast in Western Agia, which piqued his interest. He had read the chapter containing the Beast in the Chasm, but he suddenly felt compelled to study it further. Upon arriving in Fundras, he came across another creature, called Draecrones, that caused trouble for some townspeople, and he successfully persuaded it from hunting in any settlement.

Not long after, his health started to deteriorate, and wanted to return to his home country, Samrun. But when travelling near the Myndoed Galline, he found a badly wounded family, who told him they had tried to flee from a ferocious pack of wolves. Moechi felt bad for the family and wanted to stop the pack, knowing he had previously stopped other dangerous animals.

He followed the direction which the family had given him, and not long after, he heard the wolves. He was suddenly surrounded by the wolves, and despite his brave attempt to calm them, he failed. They attacked him, and he was deadly wounded. The wolves stopped their attack, suddenly feeling guilty for attacking Moechi, and ran off. No wolves have attacked travellers near Myndoed Galline ever since.

Divine Classification
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Death
647 AGD
Circumstances of Death
Died while protecting a family from a ferocious pack of wolves.
Place of Death
Other Affiliations
Patron Hailan of
Animals and plants
Bird and wolf


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