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Dearest Morphiophelius,   I hope this letter finds you in good spirits, my friend. I simply had to write to you about the incredible journey of our dear friend, Glimmerwick. His burning desire to leave these hampered shores to explore have taken him on an adventure of a lifetime.   From the moment he quit his job at the Ministry of Tubing and Ratchets, his eyes sparkled with an insatiable curiosity. We both know the FAF would never hire such an unfocused individual, so when he told me he’d reapplied (for the 32nd time), I ached for him. Surely he would find disappointment again.   To my astonishment, Barnaby, from the HR department, hired Glimmerwick outright! Said he had never witnessed such a determined applicant, despite the rejection, mockery and outright refusal to hire. He further stated, and I quote, "It seems I have no other choice but to grant you your wish and send you exceedingly far away, if I am ever to have peace once more in my department."   Can you believe it, Chuck? To be told that by hiring you, they would finally have peace in a department!   Oh, Glimmerwick was at the moment of tears when he told me the news. It was as if the world held secrets just for him, and he couldn't rest until he unlocked every mystery. When I went to visit, he was pouring over maps, studying every inch with an excitement that was infectious. Watching him, scribbling notes and plans in his well-worn journal, made my own face illuminate with a sense of wonder.   I knew he would face numerous challenges as he ventured forth into the unknown, but he’s always been resourceful and steadfast. Limited by his modest supplies, he learned to adapt and create ingenious gadgets to aid him on his journey. I witnessed him tirelessly tinkering away, turning everyday objects into tools of survival.   Oh, how I admired his ingenuity and resilience! The FAF gave him some task he was not allowed to speak of, and before I knew it, Glimmerwick was off. After the winter had come and gone, I began to worry. There was no news, and not having friends of my own in the FAF, I wasn’t sure what to expect.   The night before I’d planned to inquire of his whereabouts, he showed up on my doorstep.   He’d changed, Chuck, and not all for the better, I assure you. Oh, he was still the kind, loving gnome I’ve always known, but there was also a hardness about him. The world seemed to unfold before his very eyes, as he shared stories of each adventure with a sense of joy and purpose. I could feel the thrill in his voice as he recounted crossing rickety rope bridges and leaping over cavernous pitfalls. He even faced his fear of heights head-on,…something about swinging from jungle vines?   What on Elämä was the FAF having our friend do??   But it wasn't just the physical challenges that drove him forward; it was the allure of discovering new cultures and befriending creatures in the wild. Glimmerwick has always commanded a unique ability to connect with animals, speaking to them with an enchanting language of his own making. Oh, I know it’s all silliness, but he shares stories of how he sat beneath the stars, surrounded by curious woodland creatures, exchanging tales that bridged the gap between their worlds and ours.   Is it all truly nonsense? I’m not too certain anymore.   Despite the physical and emotional hardships, he remained unyielding, his spirit unwavering. He ventured deep into the heart of solitude, where he learned to embrace the stillness of his own soul. In the quiet, he found a sense of clarity and understanding that he carried with him like a precious treasure.   Now, as he returns to our vibrant gnome city, I can see the transformation in his eyes. He radiates a newfound wisdom, earned through the trials and triumphs of his journey. I sit in awe as he passionately recounts his adventures, reliving every moment as if it were the first time.   In his tales, I see a reflection of the world's beauty and the yearning for discovery that resides in each of us. Glimmerwick has become a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that adventure lies not just beyond our doorstep but also within ourselves.   I am humbled to have witnessed his journey, Chuck. If I’m wholly honest, I can't help but feel a sense of pride knowing that he is our dear friend. His wanderlust has gifted him with experiences that will stay with him for a lifetime, and I am forever grateful to have shared in a piece of that magic.   You will no doubt find this last fact as amusing as I did. Upon returning and giving his report to the FAF, they not only paid him in full, but provided an almost obscene bonus. The letter Glimmerwick received from his director said, "We have underestimated your skills, Mr. Glimmerwick…and value your findings to be of the same quality and value as that of Höbin Luckyfeller. Here is an advance for your next research paper."   Glimmerwick said no one ever informed him that this was a ‘paying gig.’   With warmest regards,

Cover image: by Jaime Buckley


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Aug 12, 2023 20:22

What a delightful tale about a man so very dedicated to journeying to the great many unknowns to make them known! There's a quality to your writing that makes it easy to get lost in the world you've created.

The Eternal Hymn sounds into perpetuity on Nascindor
Aug 16, 2023 00:08 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Awwww such a determined little Gnome. He didn't even know it was a paying job ';D The epitome of a Character Driven by Wanderlust and the Desire to Explore for sure, if I ever did see one! I'm glad he finally got the position lol and he still didn't realize the insult, as his tears were of joy of being received by the company when, indeed, they were flinging him farther than an arm could throw. Poor thing. <3

Aug 23, 2023 22:25 by Deleyna Marr

I think one of the most amazing things about this is that you created a delightful story, left me laughing at the end, AND managed to do this while being in a hurry. I'm adding this to my reading challenge page to share it with others.

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