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Brielle Aramys

Yildae Roots

Brielle hails from one of the most prominent horse clans. She would have been in line to take over as head of her clan if she hadn't come out all wrong, and her mother being disinherited as a result. Growing up as a hybrid between a horse and a bluebird had a good deal of challenges but Brie was tougher for it.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

Wild and Free

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

Brielle was always a bit of a wild child, choosing to run and explore instead of staying home. She viewed the forest as a cage from a very young age and longed to stretch her wings in the world beyond the Dolan Forest. Standing in her way were her parents, and the daunting Wastelands.

Eventually she could stand the abuse from her peers no more, and the need to roam and wander and travel overcame Brielle. She packed a bag full of essentials and set out to the edge of the forest. Intending to do the perilous journey across the desolite sands alone Brielle was surprised to find her father flying above her to guide her out of the desert and away from the forest.

The Odd Horse Out

Travelling around Costrus' plains and through it's forests as a horse with blue feathers in her mane as a large horse has made Brie a source of rumour and gossip. Some say she's a sign of doom, and others see her presence in wild horse herds as a beacon of hope. Either way her striking feathers make sure she is seen and noticed. Which means she needs to either continue plucking them out or style them in a less conspicuous way.


Age: 25
Height: 5' 2" humanoid/17.0 hands at the shoulder in her horse form
Build: Slender and soft, in her horse form she resembles the build of an Arabian

General Physical Appearance:

Brielle has bright blue eyes and when she first appears she actively pulls her feathers out and discourages their growth. As she grows and gains confidence she allows the feathers in her hair to grow resulting in a bright blue on silver look that is both elegant and striking.


You're more bird than horse, honestly. Why don't you stay home and learn how to sing little bird? Save your family the disgrace of being seen in public.
— One of Brielle's cousins

I will fly across the farthest feilds as fast as my hooves will carry me and find a place better than this guilded cage they call a forest.
— Brielle
by RandoScorpio via MidJourney


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