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Ermitaño (ʔɛrmitaɲo)

This creatures are thought to be the formed by all kind of shards, with cores that come from the lost of purpose or self-sense. Yet, we have no way to confirm that, since they disorient and chase away every other creature as fast as possible.   We know very little about them, but we have several conjectures based on that little information.  

What we know

They produce some kind of sound, inaudible for most beings, that causes disorientation; human are particularly susceptible to it, and not even shards are fully immune.   Ermitaños inhabit The Desert, which is the area that surrounds the labyrinth of rock, and all their territory is free of other species, and even meteorological ghosts are uncommon. Climate is usually bad, and the whole atmosphere feels heavy and carries a sense of danger, probably because the few shards here are inclined to cause trouble.  

What we think

The same waves that cause disorientation, are what cause some sort of discomfort that forces every other creature to live the area.   Most biologist consider that the reason why no benigg shards are found in the desert, is because they perceive that the Ermitaños want to be left alone.   We hadn't have the opportunity to do any studies, but there are some theories about the composition of the soil in the desert. Since the creatures affect the element forming shards, it's probable that it is somehow poisoned or at least not barren.  

What we wonder about

  • Is this the only region in the forest inhabited exclusively by this creatures?
  • Are the core shards of this creatures influencing other shards, or do they repel them somehow?
  • Is there any permanent damage caused by the waves this creatures emit?
  • Why do they keep everybody else away? Are they motivated by anger or fear, or do they simply prefer to be alone?
  • What kind of shards can be part of this creatures, other than their cores?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they deal with the bad weather? Is this their preferred situation, or do they struggle to survive in the desert?
  • Discovery

    Everyone new that there was something, is just that nobody stayed long enough to knew what it was. Besides, The Granter and our security administrator forbid anyone to approach the area at first. Whatever was happening in that place, wasn't extending to other areas, so it wasn't worth it to risk more people to end up lost in the labyrinth of rock.   With the establishing of the company's time loop, some biologists got permission to research the area, but they failed to find any ghosts or even shards that could explain the disorienting conditions of the open, empty region. They could have just stopped, most of them did, but some of them were getting obsessed with it, others where worried and people was inventing stories about it.   So Gael somehow convinced me to join him on a trip to that place. It was fun, I have to admit, I had never been in the labyrinth before. Yes, we ended up in there, but we weren't hurt and we didn't need to worry because we would be back to the main building with the day reset. And Gael did manage to see one of the little moles. Moles are animals, regular animals, from other worlds. I just use the word because they live underground too, and they do look a little similar I was told, but Ermitaños are colorful and the size of a wolf. There are wolves in your world, right? Oh... there are moles too. Okay. I though... anyways. Gael draw the little beast for our database, it wasn't much more than the head, honestly, but some biologists were ecstatic.   A few years... or were those decades? Let's say "a while after", when we understood the Witnesses a little better, somebody had a chat with some of them that were native from the the labyrinth and they told us more or less everything we know about this creatures. It was with their own side of memories, so it wasn't a lot of information, but biologists finally gave the case for closed. That's why Gael said she should be the one recognized by the discovery of the Ermitaños, even when it he was the first to see one and guessed basically everything about them when he name named them.
    Scientific Name
    (?) N-oq345
    Geographic Distribution
    The Desert
    Discovered by
    Elariasa Tide
    Dietary Needs And Habits
    Biological Cycle
    Uses, Products & Exploitation
    Where you even listening to what I said before?
    Oh, I see, you are joking.

    Ecology And Habitats

    They have a great impact in the territory they inhabit, but all we really know about their behavior is that they live in burrows and probably moved by tunnels and visit the surface in rare occasion.  

    Perception And Sensory Capabilities

    They are probabaly able to see in the dark, or don't depend on sight at all, which lets biologist to wonder about what might be their primary sense.   Many imagine that they may be capable of some form or echolocation.

    The boss keeps getting recommendations to ban them into the walled area of the forest. I really don't think we should worry about them, but at the same time, I don't think they would mind to be relocated: They just want to be left alone and whenever they go would be exactly like the desert is now. The problem would be for everybody else: the granters would be inconvenienced by the task, the inhabitants of the area would have to flee, causing chaos in the delicate balance there, the wall would be breached during the relocation, because it would be affected by the Ermitaños' abilities, and some of the creatures would end up fleeing to this side of the wall. And to what end? Nothing would be really different, except that there would be less space on that side of the walls, and more in the area near the labyrinth.

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    Author's Notes

    Thanks, Johe, for the prompt/suggestion of source (core) for this ghost and the idea of how it could manifest.

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