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He's not the curious, friendly boy he seems to be.   He's paying attention because his job and nature is to detect and deal with dangers. He doesn't really care about others that much, even if he can't help to try and keep them safe. He wasn't really young when the company's time loop was set, let alone now.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was a practically a child when Katerina asked for a wish that ended their whole world. The only reason why he still exists, is the deep love that someone, probably his parents or his little sister had for him. He begged for their lives as soon as he understood the situation, but the Granter of that time said that "it was too late", and avoided him until his mysterious death.   Gael was scared and resentful for a while, but more than anything, he was lonely. As the decades piled up and he knew more of this world, which was way more dangerous back then, he took the task of helping outsiders to survive and go back home.   Some say that he would warn travelers to avoid any deals with the old granter, and when he was replaced by the snappish mage he become her friend and sometimes helped travelers to pass her tests. Maybe that's true, maybe not. He never talks about that anymore.


He started working with the Last Time Company from it's very beginning. When they distributed the administration responsibility, he was assigned to the Security department, which in those days meant that he was expected to deal with dangerous ghosts that got too close to the path.   He created the structure of that department, and chose some of the employees who now report to him. All his subalterns like and trust him, ready to follow his instructions or do their best to figure things out on their own, depending of the situation. He has commented more than once that they make his work kind of easy.


Contacts & Relations

He gets along with everyone, knows all employees as the back of his hand, and half of us would probably risk our lives for him before thinking. I like to believe that there are some people here that he would die or kill for too, but nobody knows him enough to be sure.

Social Aptitude

He calculates every word to make us do things we wouldn't do otherwise. We all know that because he has said so himself, more that once, and we just don't care. We somehow like what he tell us—even if we don't like what he's saying, we are glad that he has told us—or we are so mesmerized by how right he is, that we end up believing that what he's asking us to do will be good too. And we know is a trick, and half the time we hate what he made us do, but we keep falling on it like an abused wife.
People will do as you say if they trust you. For the granter, that comes with power and a history of providing. I just tell them the right truths at the right times.   If you tell them a truth they don't want to hear, they will decide to believe that you are lying. If you tell them something that is not convenient to your plans, you may end up contradicting yourself.
  I used to hate it when he used those tricks with me, so he stopped. Now, if he ever comes to me and appeals to emotions I didn't know I have, I understand that he must have very good reasons to try and manipulate me... which makes me quite receptive to whatever he's about to ask.I have the feeling that this was a long term version of his usual manipulation techniques.  
It was. I would apologize, but I'm still doing it, so an apology would be insulting, right?
But I have to admit it is true that he does it with good reason.
A long time ago, he sent an e-mail that appealed to the biologist pride to made them fix a mistake that they would have defended to the last consequences. And these guys don't even seem to care about praise, but they absolutely melted!   Even the head biologist was happy to organize the change, when he would even resist the intervention of the granter.
Of course I called them creative and made it sound like they would be doing us a favor by being organized. I was ruining their fun by asking them to do that, so they deserved to know it was for good reasons. They deserved to at least get some praise if they were going to learn codes that served other people's purposes.
Gael still hopes that we will find a way to trigger ghosts; I don't want to tell him it's unlikely, so we keep giving him reports on that, with what little progress we can make. I've heard that the boss reads them too.
Guierald, Head biologist
Actually, sometimes he mediates between them, so to speak.   Yes, what I'm saying is that he pulls strings for some biologists to conduct research that their team leader wouldn't have approved. It woks better than having those scientist trying to decide if they need to obey their immediate superior or the bo-ss. It's true that some of those projects are a waste of time, but it's not so much time and the employess involved are people who desperately want to do that work.
  Katerina and the boss think that there is nothing wrong in using your charm and empathy to manipulate someone when you are not lying about it or trying to hurt anyone. But I still don't like it.

Hobbies & Pets

He likes to study other cultures, but I don't think that's the only thing he does when he goes home, which is out of the main building even when he has a 24/7 job here.
Egocentric Nostalgic
Current Status
Extremely confused and worried.
Current Location
A few centuries. Looks fourteen, maybe fifteen years old.
Date of Birth
Fifteenth "night" of the 43rd "week" of a forgotten calendar.
Date of Death
Last week of his native world
Circumstances of Birth
He was the first child of a couple that was nervous but happy to form a family.
Circumstances of Death
His "normal" life was over with the white fire catastrophe
Capital of the Racionala Nation
Place of Death
Capital of the Racionala Nation
Reddish, small, round and wide set eyes.
Curly brown hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale, with some freckled areas.
His civilization rejects the idea of religion and deities. He's not so sure about that.
Aligned Organization

I can't tell for sure but I think he's a little lost. Just because it has been ages since the erasure of everything and everyone he knew and love, ti doesn't mean that he has gotten over it. He doesn't get over things, I suspect. That's why he seek for loneliness sometimes and is willing to understand everyone's rituals and beliefs but won't even accept an invitation for lunch. That's also the reason why he befriended Katerina or all people, right when the wound was still open; because despite her actions, she remembered all the things he was afraid of forgetting.   Why does he stay around for as long as he's needed? That I can't tell. Maybe that's his nature; cruel as they may have been, the Racionala were taught from birth that they were meant to help others with all those resources they considered so precious: knowledge, technology, intelligence... Maybe that's what he's doing. But sometimes I suspect that that's not it.

The Racionala

A flourishing culture, very respectful of nature and the laws their rulers formulated to grant that every citizen had equal opportunities as well as respect for each other and the ecosystem they lived in. They were scientifically advanced, which allowed them to travel great distances by air and sea in a world where everybody else was struggling to build good roads. As they explored the world, they shared their knowledge and customs with everyone. They had found the secret to prosperity and peace, after all.   Most of their citizens and neighbors didn’t know that those ways were imposed by violence and cruelty to those who “didn’t appreciate” their benefits.
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