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We have so many kinds of flowers in this world! Pretty flowers, angry flowers, hungry flowers, nosy flowers... The witnesses are the highest kind of nosy flowers.   They listen to everything and never forget, but they are quite polite and don't go around talking about it. Not with words, not with their smell. Some s believe that they do share all kinds of secrets with each other, but never with other creatures... unless you nicely ask them to carry a memory for you, but that's not gossip, obviously.  
This ghost is usually formed by several shards related to relationships that ended by the things that were never told: terrible secrets found in the worst moment, loving words that the owner of what was lost didn't know how to tell, and more than anything: apologies that weren't to hard to say or didn't find the right time.   Slightly less common, is to find witnesses formed by the shards of emotions that never become relationships because they were kept in secret.
They are one of the few types of ghosts where the shape and color are consistent between different specimens: always white, simple flowers, small enough to fit in a human hand.   All of them look like flowering grass, but when you cut the flower, is the rest of the "plant" what dies after a while unless other shards gather around it to form a new flower.   We don't cut them to decorate our hair or house, that would be an unnecessary risk when similar flowers grow in human settlements, or even materialize in the room we want to adorn. the reason why some of us adopt one or many of these creatures is to sent messages to distant places.
  And they are quite reliable to do so, always find the recipient and never share a single thought about it with anybody else. They do that freely, but not without a good reason.
Scientific Name
Nt uh-0|+otd-0
Geographic Distribution

Perception and Sensory capabilities

They can hear thoughts if they are directed at them. It's unknown how they can perceive that, maybe they always pay attention to what we are thinking. The only reason that we know they can remember some thoughts, is because of their role as messengers, in which the key is their ability to recognize a person or creature, even if they only know them from a thought.   They produce a delicate, sweet smell that carries their memories, and they are particularly receptive to messages that other witnesses are sharing in this way. Nobody can interpret that smell unless the witness is trying to communicate with them. Sometimes, people can’t even notice the fragrance but no one can ignore the message if it's addressed to them.


Dietary Needs And Habits

For what we can understand, they feed on memories. How they pick them is unclear, but it seems that any experience is good for food, no matter how irrelevant or upsetting it can be.   Usually they collect memories of things they perceive, but also the memories that other beings direct at them to deliver as a message or to keep fresh for them. When they carry a memory for a little longer than they expected too, they start to slowly darken, and may end up sick unless they share that with other witnesses or with the person to whom the "letter" was addressed.  


Witnesses aren’t polite only when it comes to gossip, they show all sorts of good manners, like turning to the left whenever somebody enters a room, and then to the right as their greeting is answered even if it is in another language.   They don’t often use movement as a means of communication, but the intensity of their smell has been studied and biologists are convinced that they never get angry or offended, and don’t have a habit of judging what they see. They are always paying attention, they say, but the only reaction that could give a hint of what they think of each thing they witness, is whether they remember or not.

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Aug 12, 2023 16:59 by Molly Marjorie

I like the idea of flowers that communicate and send messages for people, though I would like a little more information on how this happens. It looks like it might be in another article, but I think you could double-up a sentence or two. I'm particularly curious as to how the flowers move from one person to another and find the person to whom they need to deliver the message. I like that you call them "witnesses" though, as they seem to be witness to everything around them, and your introduction fits this perfectly.

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Sep 25, 2023 05:11

To be honest, the explanation right now is more on the lines of "that's the magical property of this species in particular". They can teleport to wherever they want.