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Judgement By Combat

"Before society came to accept a common understanding of law we settled disputes very barbarically. The most barbaric practice was Judgement By Combat. It's hard to believe that we didn't make ourselves extinct."   ~ Unknown Judge


Judgement By Combat was a primitive way to deal with complex situations during the early days of the Human race in the Age of Umber. This practice was continued till thousands of years into the Age of Umber till society became more formal and lest about survival. Judgement By Combat is outlawed as a way to establish innocence or guilt, but some organizations still maintain the tradition for their own internal issues.


When an individual was accused of a crime, or there was a dispute between two individuals, there could be a request for Judgement By Combat. When Judgement By Combat was invoked the accuser would either have to withdraw their accusation or accept the challenge. Both participants agreed on a time, location, and if the Judgement were to be rendered lethally or courteously. The two individuals would then engage in combat till one yielded. The victor would then be judged correct in regards to the topic the combat was about. This lead to a gross disparity in justice between the peasantry and the nobles.

Components and tools

There is no formal list of tools, weapons, and terrain that Judgement By Combat is to utilize for its practice. Organizations that still utilize this practice usually require the symbol of the organization be incorporated into the challenge.


The accuser and the accuse are required for Judgement By Combat to be invoked. The accuse request Judgement By Combat. It is then up to the accuser to accept the challenge or to back down from their accusation.


Judgement By Combat is no longer observed by the general population as a form of judgement.


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