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Toss a Gem to Your Dragon

In the quaint coastal town of @Cape, there existed an old-fashioned tradition that had been passed down through generations: the act of tossing jewelry into the ocean for safe passage. The tradition was deeply rooted in the town's maritime history and the belief in the sea's protective embrace.  

To Appease a Seadragon

According to the legend, long ago, when Cape Zaffre had been reclaimed by the coastlanders and was a bustling port, its sailors faced perilous journeys and treacherous waters due to an ancient sea dragon by the name of Tiadora. The townspeople, filled with a mix of hope and fear for their loved ones' safe return, began seeking the favor of the ocean's guardian. They believed that by offering precious jewelry to the sea, they could appease the serpant and secure safe passage for the sailors.  

A Symbol of Unity and Hope

The tradition became a sacred ritual, observed before every voyage. As ships set sail, families and friends gathered on the coasts overlooking the vast ocean. Each person held a piece of cherished jewelry – heirloom rings, delicate necklaces, and gleaming brooches – representing their love and connection to the departing sailors. With tearful eyes and hopeful hearts, they kissed the jewelry and whispered heartfelt wishes for a safe journey.   With a collective breath, the townspeople tossed their jewelry into the foaming waves, the glinting treasures merging with the swirling waters below. The splash of each offering echoed like a solemn prayer, an unspoken plea for the serpant to watch over their loved ones and bring them safely back to the shores of Cape Zaffre.   As the ships sailed and the jewels sank to the bottom of the ocean, the villagers acknowledged the risks and sacrifices of the brave sailors, and hoped that this act would reinforce the bond between those who sailed away and those who remained on land.  

Seekers of Prosperous Voyages Abroad

Over the years, the tradition extended beyond the sailors. Anyone who came from Cape Zaffre who travelled abroad felt compelled to toss a jewel over any body of water they crossed. It was an expensive habit, and many took to carrying shoddy rings with them in place of once cherished herilooms and the like.  

A Timeless Connection

These days, Cape Zaffre had transformed into a charming coastal port that lived in harmony with the sea dragons, but the tradition endured. Even with advancements in technology and navigational tools, the act of tossing jewelry into the ocean remained a heartfelt gesture, a reminder of the town's roots and a tribute to the courage of their ancestors.   The sea's guardianship over the town was believed to be a testament to the tradition's power. Stories circulated of how sailors, facing sudden storms or shipwrecks, would find themselves guided safely back to the shores of Cape Zaffre, protected by the watchful eyes of the Tiadora's many children.


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There is a rogue @Cape at the beginng :) usually this happens if the last thing you did before saving was completing a @autofill just save > write a space somewhere and save again. Happens to me all the time q.q   That being said ...   A a sailor ritual. There are so many in RL and throughout history! Yours is well done, rounded out and feels "in place" meaning you told me enough to believe it.

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I really like the way the tradition has evolved over time, it feels very natural and realistic! Also, the title got that Witcher melody stuck in my head again lol.