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Djinn's Riddle

Day of Riddles & Celebration

After years of study and hours spent practicing spell after spell, a celebration is in order for those that have reached this milestone. Not all that attend magic academies make it to the final days, some don’t even have the luxury of making it to their first. But for those that attend one of the many academies of the world, there are milestones to celebrate, days to honor the work they have done, the hours drained by books and parchment. It is these days at the end that makes the long journey worth it, but there is one more test before they can say they have finished.   A Headmaster, a professor, a colleague, a friend, these are the people that will ask the final question to commemorate this day. It is customary for graduating students to answer one final riddle as the pinnacle of their education for this is the day of the Djinn and their god. Riddles abound for all that wish, a moment of intellect before the celebration. While simple words, these riddles were meant as an exchange of respect, one where the student could show what they have learned over their years with their mentors and friends.   Over the centuries, the day of the Djinn and their god has been lost to the histories. Few still remember the Djinn’s Riddle and the celebration that it brought. While the day is still celebrated as one of graduation and beginnings for new students, the true purpose of this day has slowly disappeared. The riddles and names are no more, the camaraderie and respect that came from the act has been lost. No one remembers the name Djinn’s Riddle, but all remember that this is the day that celebrates the magic academies of the world.


Djinn's Riddle was once a widespread holiday that was celebrated on the third day of Fall's Morning in the name of the god Olik. This day was dedicated to sharing riddles amongst each other as well as the graduation of those from magic academies and the first day for new students. It was meant to be a day of celebration and deep thought, but as the stories of the Djinn became lost to the histories, so too did the true meaning behind this day.   The riddles shared during this day often had rules and participants would exchange gifts that centered around puzzles and riddles. Only the receiver of a riddle or puzzle could solve it and the giver could never reveal the answer. If these rules were violated, bad luck would be upon those that broke these rules. Travelers and explorers would also have a greater chance of finding sealed Djinn, but all of these traditions were seemingly lost to time.   The day of Djinn's Riddle is still celebrated as a day of graduation and beginnings for those in magic academies, but the truth behind the tradition has become less and less prominent as the years have gone by. Most believe the chosen date is due to that being how it has always been, but some of the longer-lived races remember the Djinn and the holiday meant to honor their god.
Graduation is the pinnacle of one's journey through a magic academy. Traditions abound around this day, even if the origins of them are long forgotten.


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Awww, it's a shame that many of the traditions have been forgotten.

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