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The Ritual of Elden Bonding


The Ritual of Elden Bonding is a tradition steeped in the history and culture of Teralt. Once widely practiced across various kingdoms and city-states, this ritual has come to be seen as old-fashioned in modern times. Nonetheless, it still holds significance in certain communities and is regarded with respect by those who appreciate Teralt's rich heritage.   The Ritual of Elden Bonding is an Andron ceremonial practice that involves the forging of a spiritual connection between two individuals, typically as a rite of passage into adulthood or as a solemnization of friendship or partnership. The bonding is symbolized through the intertwining of specially crafted Elden Threads, representing the joining of lives and destinies.


  1. Preparation: The individuals partaking in the ritual must undergo a purification process, often including fasting and meditation.
  2. Selection of Elden Threads: The threads are chosen based on the participants' characteristics and the nature of their relationship. They are often blessed by religious leaders, each thread given a significant meaning.
  3. Ceremony: Conducted by an Elden Master, the ceremony involves intricate chants, dances, and the weaving of the threads around the participants' wrists or fingers.
  4. Sealing the Bond: The Elden Master finalizes the bond with an ancient spell, sealing the connection between the individuals.


The Ritual of Elden Bonding is considered a sacred and unbreakable commitment, often transcending the bounds of time and space. It is believed to provide guidance, strength, and support to those involved.

Modern Perception

In contemporary Teralt, the ritual is often viewed as archaic and overly formal, especially as any historical record of how such bonds might have been enforced has been lost. Though, amongst those who practice the ritual, it is believed that the bonds are divinely enforced. Breaking one shall bring the wrath of the world down upon those who go against their bonds.

Regions of Practice

Though considered old-fashioned, the Ritual of Elden Bonding is still actively practiced in more traditional or remote communities. It is sometimes incorporated into special occasions or used by those seeking to connect with the Andron's ancestral wisdom.


The supposed unbreakable nature of the bond has led to debates and ethical considerations, given that participants in the ritual do not necessarily always know everything about those they are bonding to, and that this might later come up can lead to sacrilegious breakage of the bonds.

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Aug 1, 2023 18:27 by Drake Ragon

Well, this was indeed not what i was expecting. Yet, I was not disappointed. I can see how this could work as both a rite of passage, ritual for marriage or as you put it, a bond of two souls through time and space. Great place to spawn more ideas from and to develop stories around.   Love the controversies, I always like the "bad side" of things. Because only rarely should something be perfect.

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”
Aug 1, 2023 19:30 by Chase

Thanks, Drake! Glad you enjoyed my submission! I do generally try to add controversies to things, because it's a big thing to me that different cultures and populations would feel different ways about many things.