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Human Keeping


Throughout history vampires kept human families as a source of food. This practice has been deemed illegal by the Consilium Internationale, or CI, the international governing body of vampire society. Though the CI punishes those found to be utilizing the practice, it does not prevent it from still being done by some who refuse to give up their traditions.


The purpose of human keeping was to have constant access to human blood. In older times, when vampires were under threat by misinformed vampire hunters, having a ready source of food was important for keeping vampires safe from discovery. Entire human families would be employed, usually at large vampire family homes, to serve both as household servants and a source of blood. Pay was often minimal, and due to the effects of vampire venom on the human body, sex was often included as part of the payment and only adults in human families were to be used for live feeding.


Over time the keeping of humans has declined, mostly due to it being seen as a form of slavery. Human family members were often required to sign contracts requiring them to remain with the vampire family for life. Being released from contracts was rare, and children born to the humans were considered bound under the parents' contracts. Because humans and vampires can't reproduce together, vampires often looked for established human families to keep, and at times kept multiple families that were encouraged to have children together. Despite the sexual component of vampire feedings causing some conflict between humans already in relationships, contracts were still not voided even for humans wanting to end their relationships or being unhappy with the arrangement. Those who tried to leave were often locked away so they could not leave but could still be used for blood.

Current Practices

Instead of human keeping, most vampires use the blood of other mammals, or blood willingly given by humans. Human or animal blood can be easily purchased from blood dealers in nearly every city in the world. It can also be ordered and hand-delivered to vampires in rural areas, as well. Humans also willingly visit feeding clubs where they can feed vampires in private rooms. Vampires are able to enjoy the slight intoxication of drinking the blood of humans who have just consumed alcohol, and humans are able to enjoy the effects of the vampire venom. Some vampires also form relationships with humans who provide blood to them. Sometimes these are professional relationships, and sometimes they are romantic in nature. Others still may keep livestock that they harvest blood from in small quantities.

There used to be a whole family of humans who lived here, too, but times have changed. Vampires don't keep human families like blood slaves anymore. The good ones don't, anyway.

-Ajax Anatolios, vampire


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