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Feeding Clubs


The first feeding clubs were established to give vampires safe places to feed, while also allowing vampires and their food sources, mostly humans, to socialize. These began as exclusive clubs, but over several hundred years clubs have been created to serve all sorts of vampires, humans, and other beings who wish to feed vampires. In many places, these are also run like bars or pubs, not just nightclubs. The term "feeding club" still applies to these establishments, though patrons may also call them "feeding bars," "feeding pubs," or even "blood bars."
Those who wish to establish a feeding club need to follow local laws for starting a club, bar, pub, or other socializing establishment. They then must register their establishment with the Consilium Internationale, which creates and enforces vampire law.

Benefits for Humans

Humans who feed vampires can enjoy the arousing effects of vampire venom, which often results in sexual activity with the vampire(s) they are feeding. They also get to socialize with vampires and other humans in general. Feeding clubs sell alcohol and food for the humans to enjoy, as well. The food especially helps them regain some energy after allowing a vampire/vampires to feed from them.

Benefits for Vampires

Vampires who engage in live feeding at feeding clubs get to enjoy fresh blood, which some say tastes better than blood that has been collected and stored for later use. They can also share in sexual activity with the humans they feed from, due to the arousing effect vampire venom has on humans and other species. If they consume blood from someone who has had alcohol, there is also a slightly intoxicating effect that can sometimes last for a few hours. The same applies to those who have consumed some drugs.
Vampires can also enjoy the social aspect of these establishments. They are able to socialize with other vampires and other species who come to feed the vampires. A sense of community often forms among patrons, especially those who visit frequently. For those who prefer to socialize and not live feed, blood that has been collected and supplied by blood dealers is readily available.

Rules for Feeding Clubs

1. Private rooms must be provided for feedings and all live feeding laws (seeking consent, only feeding off humans who are of age, and not overfeeding) apply to these establishments.   2. Establishments are encouraged to provide humans with food and drink, including alcohol if local human laws are met, to ensure humans have the best experience possible.   3. Security must be employed to ensure a human does not become overbled. No more than two vampires should feed on the same human in a single night.   4. Other forms of blood should be readily available for vampires who do not live feed but have come to socialize.   5. All local human laws must be followed.

From the International Vampire Code created by the Consilium Internationale.

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