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Consilium Internationale

The Consilium Internationale, of CI, is the governing body of the vampire population on a national and international level. They are in control of establishing and upholding the International Vampire Code that guides how vampires interact with other species, especially humans.


The Consilium Internationale, or CI, has a governing body in every country on Earth. These local offices oversee the vampire population within that country's borders. An international office oversees these local offices to ensure uniform laws across the world, known as the International Vampire Code.

Public Agenda

The CI's most important purpose is to ensure the safety of the global vampire population. It does this by setting rules for interactions with other species, especially humans. The CI sets laws concerning the operation of feeding clubs, blood dealers, and the collection of blood for the use of vampires. It also deals with the punishments for broken laws, including the closing of unlawful establishments and issuing fines.


The CI was formally created in 1384 to oversee vampire communities across the world. In the wake of frequent attacks by frightened humans, caused by vampires overfeeding or intentionally causing harm, vampires came together to create a governing organization to set laws for interacting with other species, known as the International Vampire Code. The CI gradually grew in power and influence, eventually working with the Mortal Protection Agency on a frequent basis.

Founding Date
1384 CE
Governmental, Department
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