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Mortal Protection Agency


The Mortal Protection Agency (MPA) is headed by a small group of Fallen angels who are the founders and decision-makers for the organization.

Below the founders are the administrative teams, lawyers, those who comb through related agency databases looking for potential jobs for the MPA's agents, and those "handlers" in direct contact with agents throughout their investigations. These employees are a mix of Fallen, other paranormal beings, and humans who understand the truth behind the organization's work.

The agents are made almost exclusively of Fallen from various levels of the Angelic Hierarchy. These agents include those who do deep undercover work, those whose work includes acting directly, and those who are assigned to vanquish demons identified by the investigating agents.


All members of the MPA are dedicated to protecting mortals from unjust treatment, whether at the hands of demons, other mortals, or those acting directly for God. The safety of mortals is the most important part of the work done by the MPA.

Public Agenda

The MPA will dismantle all corrupt organizations and corporations it possibly can in order to protect the largest number of mortals from harm. This includes governments and government organizations as needed. Whatever organization is mistreating mortals either employed by or directly impacted by the work of the organization, will be disrupted and destroyed if need be. Anyone engaging in the enslavement of mortals for any reason will be dealt with severely. Those mortals impacted will be provided for to the best of the MPA's ability, including being given housing, legal representation, food and clothing, and anything else the MPA can realistically provide.


Over time, the MPA has accumulated vast amounts of financial resources and assets due to the immortal nature of most of its employees and leaders. Many Fallen work for little to no financial compensation due to their minimal needs, which allows the MPA to save money and better pay the mortal employees.


In 1866, shortly after the first American labor union was founded, The National Labor Union, a group of Fallen angels who had been working in various ways to improve working conditions in factories, construction, plantations, and other areas that exploited workers and/or persisted in engaging in slavery, decided that forming an organization that could work with the new National Labor Union might be beneficial. They decided to call the organization the Mortal Protection Agency, as that was what they had been working for individually.

Over time, the MPA grew as more Fallen became aware of the work being done and wished to become involved. Other paranormal beings were gradually allowed to join if they genuinely wished to do good, and mortals who had become aware of the Fallen and other paranormals also took on various roles within the organization. The organization began to spread throughout the world, opening branches in nearly every country by the start of the 21st century.

In order to keep most humans unaware of the true nature of the leaders of the MPA, they each put themselves through an aging process that ends in their "death" and the leadership role moving to someone new, who in reality is the same being with a new appearance and name. Due to the tedious nature of this process, the MPA employs a Fallen archivist who ensures the identities used are properly tracked and maintained.


The MPA has offices and agents in nearly every country around the world.

To Protect - To Defend - To Destroy

Founding Date
August 25th, 1866
Social, Activist
Alternative Names
MPA, Workers' Protection Agency (glamoured)
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