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Fallen Angels

Basic Information


As angels, the Fallen do not have a true form that can be easily comprehended. They are beings of pure energy that take on physical forms as needed to interact with the mortal world. The forms they take on are ones that would most benefit them when interacting with others, though some have a specific form they prefer over others.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Fallen cannot reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

The Fallen can and do live anywhere and everywhere on Earth, but most prefer to be close to people and choose cities over more rural areas. There are some, however, who enjoy the smaller towns because of the different issues that can be assisted with there. They return to Hell as needed to rebuild their energy reserves.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Fallen do not truly need to eat, but they often do so for enjoyment. Their bodies, being made of energy, are able to extract some energetic nourishment from food and drink, but they can acquire more energy by sleeping and even more by returning to Hell for some time to rest. Sleeping restores more energy than food, but less than resting in Hell.


Most Fallen have chosen to embrace their love for humans and the Earth by devoting everything they do to protecting life from the ravages of most religions, Blessed angels, and the minions of God. They will defend and protect until the end of time, against all hatred and abuse.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Fallen still hold to the angelic hierarchy, as it comes naturally to them. When it comes to non-Fallen (Blessed) members of the Hierarchy, this is held to begrudgingly. The exception is that they hold Lucifer as more important than God though Lucifer does not force obedience or demand allegiance.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

As angels, the Fallen have retained the divine knowledge granted to them at the time of their creation. This is not something God was able to remove from them, and they use this knowledge and intelligence to better protect humanity and the Earth. The precise knowledge each Fallen has varies, as each angel is unique.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Fallen have the same powers as most angels have, which includes the ability to manipulate energy in various ways because they are beings of pure energy themselves.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Most of the Fallen do not have names in their true forms, as most angels do not. However, some have taken on names given to them by humans, especially those names recorded in religious texts or used to worship the Fallen as gods. Among the Blessed, this is especially true for Archangels, who are much more committed to their human-granted identities than even the Fallen are. Among the Fallen, most choose names when they choose a form to take on. The process of choosing a name varies by the individual Fallen. Some use the same names repeatedly while others choose the first name that comes to them.

Major Organizations

The Lapsus Exercitus, otherwise known as Lucifer's army, is a collective of Fallen and other beings who wish to serve Lucifer in protecting life on Earth wherever and however they are most needed.

The Mortal Protection Agency is an organization with branches across the world that specializes in looking into cases of abusive and unsafe employers, as demons and nephilim have often used corporations to cause havoc among humans. The MPA works with unions and other mortal government agencies to pinpoint employers who need to be investigated and take whatever action is determined to be best in order to protect the most mortals when supernatural forces are detected.

Though not a formal organization, many of the Fallen have infiltrated various government organizations around the world to attempt to protect life and the Earth in legislative ways. This has become a struggle, as many of God's minions are also in many government organizations throughout the world attempting to cause more suffering and destruction to promote the worship of God and therefore earn God's favor.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The Fallen can speak and understand all languages they encounter without needing to learn it. This is part of the divine knowledge all angels were granted at the time of their creation.

Common Taboos

A Fallen never reveals its true form to a mortal, unless that mortal is cruel and needs to be dealt with or is already on the verge of death. This is because an angel's true form is so difficult for a mortal mind to comprehend that the mortal's mind will immediately be harmed, sometimes irrevocably.


All of the Fallen were once angels of various kinds. Over time, those angels who loved mortal life and the Earth more than God were punished for their disloyalty and banished from Heaven. Hell became their place of rest and energetic recovery, as Heaven is for the Blessed.

The most notable of the Fallen is Lucifer, who attempted to reason with God over the cruel way life on Earth was treated. His insubordination was used against him, and all those who stood with him and swore to protect all the living on Earth, resulting in them all being banished from Heaven.

Historical Figures

Lucifer, who attempted to protect the mortals God wished to abuse, but who was banished from Heaven along with those who chose their love of humankind over their love of God.

Common Myths and Legends

Because Lucifer has been used as a scapegoat for many of the cruel things God has done throughout the Earth's history, most of the myths and legends about the Fallen are completely false. The confusion between the Fallen and demons has also led to many incorrect assumptions about the Fallen. They are merely angels who wish to protect the mortal Earth, which is what they were originally created to do.

Created by God and banished from Heaven due to loving mortals and the Earth more than God.

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