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Of Creation and the Fall of the Angels


In the Beginning the vast Universe was filled with stars and lifeless planets. At the center of the Universe was a being born into existence by the surge of energetic power humans would one day name the Big Bang. This being called itself God, a concept and not yet a word.

As time passed, this being grew bored. It had developed thoughts, emotions, and the ability to create. It set about creating worlds on the barren planets all around it. One of those worlds would one day be called Earth.

On Earth, God first created a diverse range of monsters, beings that would one day be known as Demons. To give them a home, God created forests, deserts, oceans, and all other biomes of the Earth. For thousands of years, God took pleasure in making new monsters and watching how they interacted. God created various emotions in the varieties of Demons. Some were deeply violent, while others were passive. Some were large, some small. In reward for shows of violence, God granted them the ability to feel pleasure, though they could not reproduce.

In time, God decided to create new beings, species of monsters that could reproduce in order to see what would happen to the beasts and to Earth. And so came what would be called dinosaurs.

The Demons, however, were a problem. Not even God could kill them, as they had been made immortal. To control and distract them, God created the Angels, beings of goodness and love - the only such beings God would ever create. God also created Hell, a place to which Demons could be banished for a time, though few could be tethered there eternally. Heaven was created as a resting and gathering place for the various types of Angels.

War raged between the Demons and the Angels for some time, which God found greatly amusing. It was more amusing than the dinosaurs, and so, when the Angels had mostly minimized the threat of Demons, God destroyed the dinosaurs to make space for the next round of creative experimentation.

Humans came next, among other varieties of animals. God found the humans fascinating when allowed to populate the Earth, and wanted to further experiment with them. The Angels were directed to go to Earth and teach the humans all matter of things. Eventually, civilizations began.

But God was displeased. The humans had taken to calling the Angels gods themselves, and the Angels had not corrected them. Worse, the Angels were being worshipped in a way that made God jealous. So, to destroy these belief systems, God granted the Archangels the ability to father children with female mortals. The children, the Nephilim, became prophets and leaders of new religions - giants in a theological sense. Their new religions placed God at the center of worship.

God found joy in the violence that began to take form between these various religions. God allowed it to continue out of curiosity over which religion would dominate the entirety of Earth, sometimes choosing to favor one over others in order to cause more chaos. Many of the Angels, however, were concerned about what was being done to the humans. Some still wished to be worshipped like gods themselves, while the majority were simply angered to see such beloved creatures treated so cruelly.

They approached God, with Archangel Lucifer as their voice, and tried to defend the humans of Earth. But God would hear none of it and had them all banished from Heaven. They were bound to Earth because they had chosen humanity over God. Hell was to be their new place of rest and respite.

And so they began dedicating their immortal lives to the care of mortals.


The story of the Fall was spread across the world and across religions to serve as a warning about what happens if God is not obeyed. No religion tells the truth of the events. Instead, they serve as a way to vilify the Fallen angels and @arch in such a way that mortals fear or otherwise will not welcome them into their lives. This is difficult for the Fallen, as they only want to help humankind but are often prevented from doing so when their true identities are known.

In Literature

Many works of fiction have been created about the Fall, the Fallen, and Lucifer, but few of these come close to admitting the truth of events. Most also serve to paint the Fallen in a negative light to push a moral lesson.

In Art

Many artists have depicted the Fall in their works over the centuries. Most of these tend to be more violent and dramatic than what truly happened. In reality, when God pronounced the banishment of the Fallen, they simply ceased to be in Heaven and found themselves in Hell. There was no battle and no literal fall from the clouds.

Illustration for John Milton’s "Paradise Lost" by Gustave Doré, 1866
Date of First Recording
Never accurately recorded except by the memory of the Fallen

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