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Archangel Lucifer


Lucifer's purpose was originally to ensure the protection mortals from demons who lurked in the night. He also taught mortal humans the knowledge of fire, how to harness electricity, and the concept of enlightenment. He still holds to many of these specialties even as one of the Fallen.


Lucifer most prefers to appear as a man with black wings, but he will take on the other depictions of himself in popular art and media when needed.

Though known by many names, according to various theological opinions, he prefers to simply go by his original name, Lucifer. He will answer to other names as needed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As an angel, Lucifer does not have a true physical body. However, the form he usually takes on is a tall, fit, powerful man. He does change this form as needed for certain circumstances.

Special abilities

Because he is an angel, Lucifer is incredibly agile, strong, and, due to being specifically an Archangel, he is almost impossible to vanquish. His presence practically drips with power. He can teleport himself from place to place in a flash, fly without wings, and use telekinesis expertly. He can also command fire, even kindling it out of nothing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lucifer was created to be one of the Archangels charged with overseeing and directing the activities of the lower choirs of angels on Earth, ensuring demons were being hunted consistently and mortals were being protected and educated in the way they were always intended to be.

Lucifer was the only one of the archangels concerned by what was happening to mortals and the Earth due to God's jealousy and need for amusement. While the other Archangels remained blindly faithful to God, Lucifer began to question why God felt the need to abuse the mortals the angels had been created to protect from the abuses of the demons. Other angels, finding him easier to speak their concerns to than the other Archangels, began asking him to speak to God on their behalf and the behalf of all mortals.

When Lucifer attempted to bring these concerns to God in the most respectful way possible, God was displeased. Lucifer and all those who had brought their concerns to him were banished from Heaven, becoming the Fallen angels.

After a period of mourning for what they had known, Lucifer was able to rally the Fallen together and make them see that this Fall had truly been a gift from God. They could now continue their work protecting mortals and the Earth without fearing God's judgement. In fact, they could directly counter the abusive experiments of God and the immoral work of the Blessed angels. This led to a new age in angelic involvement on Earth.

Gender Identity

Lucifer most often appears in a male form. He finds this form most comfortable, but is able to change forms at will and as needed due to being an angel.


Like most angels, Lucifer does not have a preference when it comes to the gender of his sexual partners. Angels do not define their sexuality as mortals do, but a mortal would describe him as pansexual because of his lack of genuine preference.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of Lucifer's greatest accomplishments is bringing the Fallen together to see the Fall as something to appreciate, not mourn. Many had not expected the depth of God's rage and wished to repent for attempting to criticize God's actions, but God would not allow it. Their actions had been unforgivable. Others were simply enraged themselves at the punishment that did not fit the transgression. A small number of the Fallen reveled in their new freedom. Lucifer was one who recognized the freedom for what it was and began encouraging the others to recognize it. After some time, most of the Fallen had become dedicated again to their purpose, protecting mortals. This time, they could actively protect them against God's abuses, as well, without fearing God's judgement.

Failures & Embarrassments

Some would consider Lucifer's Fall to be a failure, and at first he did, as well, but over time he came to see the truth in the unexpected gift. The only failure he sees for himself is the loss of any mortals who he is not able to save from God's abuses and jealousy. Though he knows mortals are reborn into new bodies after death, the torment to their minds and bodies before death still pains him deeply.

Morality & Philosophy

Lucifer believes that all those who blindly follow anyone's commands are dangerous. He encourages everyone in the world to think for themselves and question authority, even the when it comes to the other Fallen and their relationship to him. He never forces his will on anyone except those who are guilty of cruelty and terrible crimes who he vanquishes or kills if need be, but only after attempts to speak reason and change someone's ways fails to accomplish anything meaningful.

Personality Characteristics


In all that he does, Lucifer is motivated by the need to protect and help mortals, especially those who are direct or indirect victims of God's jealous rages or abusive experiments. He was created to protect mortals, so this is deeply ingrained in him, but now that he does not need to fear God he can make his actions all the more direct.


Social Aptitude

Lucifer is able to mostly blend in among the mortal world, though his presence still invokes an involuntary level of respect from most mortals. He has mastered the art of looking and acting like a mortal, including controlling his voice, mimicking human breathing patterns, and eating like a mortal.

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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Many, most of which were bestowed on him by theologians who simply made things up.
Circumstances of Birth
Created by God
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