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Basic Information


Demons, in general, vary greatly in appearance and anatomy. Each has its own unique body, though there are some noted classifications that most demons fit into based on appearance and motives. Often, demons have the ability to hide their true forms with glamours in order to blend in among humans and other mortal beings.

Most demons fit into the following physical classifications, and some may fit multiple categories:

  • Aquatic: any demon that has a physical form adapted to living in a body of water - it has been noted by demonologists that more work needs to be done on studying the various forms of aquatic demons in order to further classify them, but such work is often difficult to do as they tend to avoid catpure unless it is for their benefit or they are incredibly weak
  • Bull-like/Bullish: any demon that has a form in any way resembling a bull - this is a surprisingly common form among demons, but it may simply be due to such demons showing their true forms more than other types of demons in order to interact with humans
  • Monstrous: demons whose forms are not quite definable other than that they are usually, though not always, very large and difficult to truly comprehend - these are thought by demonologists to be the oldest demons
  • Serpentine: demons whose bodies are snake-like - these are sometimes also aquatic
  • Winged: any demon with wings, even if they are unable to fly with those wings
  • Undefined: any and all demons who appear to be unique and don't fit into any other category - these require additional study in order to classify and may result in the establishment of further categories

Genetics and Reproduction

Demons are unable to reproduce. There is an established population that has only varied based on how many demons are walking the earth at any one time. Demons do not come into existence through any other means than being created by God.

Ecology and Habitats

Demons thrive most in areas of high conflict, activity, energy, and disorder, therefore they are often found in cities and other areas where there may be a social disturbance. They may be banished to Hell for short periods by the Powers, but Earth is their optimal realm as they can absorb more mortal chaos energy there.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Demons must consume energy in order to maintain their power and thrive on Earth. They often do this by choosing to live in areas with high populations, such as cities, where they consume the energy created by mortal life. Some who require more violent and chaotic energy often reside in warzones or areas of high social strife.


Though each demon is unique, some behave in ways that are similar enough to allow them to be classified by demonologists. It has been noted that the following types of demons exist:

  • Chaos Demons: demons who thrive most on chaos, which they either actively or passively feed off of - though most demons may consume the energy created by strife and chaos, Chaos Demons are drawn to it even more heavily than others are
  • Passive Demons: those demons with lower energy needs who don't actively seek out highly energetic situations - some are even known to fulfill their energy needs through consumption of media and have learned to read
  • Sexual Demons: demons who consume sexual energies and often interact with humans directly, including sexually - it was once thought that concubi fell into this category until it was determined that they are a species of their own
  • Violence Demons: though most demons consume the energy created by violence, these demons are much more drawn to it and may even participate in the violence themselves - these demons are most often found in warzones
  • Dread Demons: the most powerful and monsterous demons who thrive on complete destruction - these demons are most easily vanquished by the Archangels and their specialized armies
  • Undefined Demons: any demon whose motives and methods of energy consumption are not yet clear

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Demons are scattered all across the world, though they often prefer urban areas due to the higher human population that serves as a source of energy for them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Demons are typically able to sense each other, with some exceptions. They are also typically able to sense the presence of angels, as angels are their greatest threat when it comes to living as they would like to. Though they usually try to hide or otherwise obscure their activities from angels, it rarely works for long.

Some demons are capable of much devastation, though many do not typically seek to cause it themselves. The strengths of demons vary by type, but in general they are immensely powerful entities that only the Powers can truly control, though other angels can vanquish demons of lower powers or ones that have already been weakened by other forces.

The first beings created by God on Earth

Common Myths

Possession: Demons cannot possess another being. Any accounts of humans being possessed by demons are frauds. Some demons, however, can control the minds of mortal species, especially humans.

Summoning: Demons cannot be summoned. They can, however, be lured in if they are close enough to notice whatever it may be that attracts them, for example a place of mass violence such as a temple where many sacrifices are being made if they are a demon attracted by violence. The effectiveness of such lures would depend on there being a demon nearby already.

Making Deals: Striking a deal of any kind with a demon is not difficult, though it can be dangerous with the wrong demon. Demons are not bound by any deals they make, and may choose to break a deal if they wish. One should not offer a deal to a demon without great care, therefore. Even a deal forged in blood is simple to break for a demon, with no consequences for the demon. A mortal, however, may come to harm, depending on the demon's motives.

Binding: Only angels can bind demons. No mortal can hope to control a demon that does not wish to be controlled, unless the demon is very weak in comparison to the mortal. There is no method that will work on all demons all the time, as some can change shape or size to resist confinement. Demons cannot be forced to do anything they do not consent to doing.

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