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Passive Demons

Basic Information


All demons are unique individual entities, examples of God's creativity. While passive demons are all similar in how they acquire energy, they differ greatly from each other in physical size and anatomy, with some being utterly monstrous and others being similar to various types of mortal creatures. They are also entirely unique when it comes to what level of power they possess and what they can do with that power.

Genetics and Reproduction

Demons are unable to reproduce, though that doesn't prevent them from seeking physical pleasure.

Ecology and Habitats

Passive demons thrive in places of high ambient disordered energy. Unlike some other types of demons, they do not seek to cause disorder or chaos either directly or indirectly. They tend to choose areas already rich in the energy to make their homes, and move on to new territories when/if the energies are depleted by the demon's needs. These areas can include abandoned properties, especially those that were once hospitals, schools, or prisons. Passive demons who enjoy having more mortals around them do well in large cities.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like all demons, passive demons require energy to exist on Earth. This can be acquired through physically consuming things such as food, or by absorbing ambient energy from disordered sources.


Unlike other sorts of demons, most passive demons seek to remain unnoticed by mortals so that they can absorb ambient energy without mortal meddling. Most of this meddling by mortals tends to lead to interference by angels, which often results in the demon being vanquished to Hell for some time. Because Earth is far more enjoyable and entertaining, most demons do everything they can to not be vanquished so they can spend as much time on Earth as possible.

Additional Information


Some weaker demons have been known to be kept as pets, usually by vampires, or mortals who are educated about the supernatural. They are most often used to guard households and other things considered worth guarding. Passive demons are used for this as they are easier to handle and can be easy to feed with physical food and local ambient energy.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Most of the energy passive demons absorb in order to remain on Earth is derived from the activities of mortals.

Civilization and Culture


Passive demons, like all other demons, were created directly by God as God's first creations. Each unique being was individually crafted, some showing more experimental creativity than others. Though they all varied greatly in all regards, demonologists have been able to mostly categorize them. They were the ones to determine what made a passive demon just that, versus all other categories of demons.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

While most passive demons are indifferent toward werewolves and vampires, most fear angels, especially the Powers, as they were created with the sole purpose of vanquishing demons. Passive demons also treat mortals as a source of entertainment, though they do respect them as a source of energy and don't usually like to see them seriously harmed or killed.

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