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Henry is a major character in Power of Demons, which is currently only available to subscribers on Ream.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Henry is a tall, robust being primarily made of muscle. He gives the impression of power and strength when not concealing himself with glamour.

Body Features

Henry walks on two legs, with his torso and arms being that of a strong-bodied man. His legs, though long enough to make him rather tall, are shaped like thick bull's legs, and are thickly haired. His feet are hooves and his fingers end in claws that can be dull or sharp, depending on his whim. He tends to wear shorts because his male anatomy is similar enough to that of a mortal man that he attracts too much mortal attention at times. His face is slightly more angular than a mortal's, with a flatter nose and larger, bovine eyes. His mouth, however, is mostly like that of a mortal. On his scalp is shaggy brown hair. The same hair traces down his spine in a line of short hair until it reaches the base of his spine. Also on his head are two large horns that grow from his hairline, curving at the back of his head to turn up beneath his large, almost bovine ears.

Special abilities

Henry can manipulate electrical currents as well as disguise himself with glamours.

Apparel & Accessories

Henry usually wears a few fine chains artfully wrapped around his horns. These are items he received from people who meant something to him in his past.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Henry became interested in mortal society fairly early on. He spent much of early human civilization looking on from the fringes, interacting with some mortals periodically. Eventually, he became fascinated by books and convinced some mortals to help him learn to read in various languages. Over time, he learned to hide his true form through glamours to better interact with mortals. He even fell in love with a mortal man named Charlie, who gave Henry his current name when he couldn't pronounce Henry's demonic name properly. Henry keeps it in memory of the man he loved.

Gender Identity

Henry identifies as male, or as a bull thanks to the bovine features of his body.


Henry is pansexual and cares little about the anatomy of his lovers, including other demons that may not have a concept of gender.

Failures & Embarrassments

Henry considers being vanquished to be a personal failure, and is ashamed of the times he has been vanquished, even when it wasn't his fault and he was attacked by an angel with no other purpose.

Morality & Philosophy

Henry does his best to live a good life. He tries not to cause any harm to mortals and instead lives off the energy provided by their activities. He only harms those who are cruel and deserve to be punished. He believes all beings on Earth should learn to live together in peace.


Social Aptitude

Henry is fairly good at living among mortals, as he has been doing so for the last several centuries. Using glamour to hide his true identity helps with this.

Hobbies & Pets

Henry is an avid reader and collector of antique books.

Wealth & Financial state

Henry has few expenses, having inherited his house and property from his former lover, Charlie. He also inherited a small fortune of Charlie's which he chose to mostly save. The money he does need for groceries and other bills, he earns by working periodic jobs. These jobs also serve to feed his need for chaotic energy.

Circumstances of Birth
Created by God
Dark brown, bovine
Dark brown, shaggy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6'1" (with the horns)
Heavyset, mostly muscle
Known Languages


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