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Undefined Demons

Basic Information


All demons are unique individual entities, examples of God's creativity. They all differ greatly from each other in physical size and anatomy, with some being utterly monstrous and others being similar to various types of mortal creatures. They are also entirely unique when it comes to what level of power they possess and what they can do with that power. Undefined demons do not fit within the more defined categories of passive demons, violence demons, sexual demons, and chaos demons.

Genetics and Reproduction

Demons are unable to reproduce, though that doesn't prevent them from seeking physical pleasure.

Ecology and Habitats

Like all demons, undefined demons require the consumption of energy in order to continue to walk on Earth. However, where they acquire that energy varies greatly between individuals and is part of what is undefined, as some defy categorization.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The types of energy consumed by undefined demons varies greatly. Some consume the energy of violence while still not falling into the behavioral classification of violence demons. Others seem to be more passive even than passive demons, almost seeming to acquire energy from nature and the sun. The unique differences that defy classification are a part of what makes a demon undefined and in need of further study.


Behaviorally, undefined demons do not fall neatly into any one classification or another. Some consume violent energy without being violent themselves. Others absorb sexual energy while remaining uninvolved. Still others are more passive even than passive demons tend to be. It is these unique behaviors that determine when a demon is undefined and in need of further study.

Additional Information


Some undefinied demons have been used as pets or guardians of important items, if they allow themselves to be tamed. Some more sapient ones may form partnerships with humans or other beings where there is some kind of mutual benefit for all involved. Typically, the demon is able to do certain things for the non-demon in exchange for the energies it needs to thrive.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Like all demons, even undefined demons require energy to walk Earth. Humans are the easiest to acquire energy from, but some undefined demons have been noted to avoid human populations. Some seem to feed off energies of wild animals and nature, instead.

Civilization and Culture


Undefined demons, like all other demons, were created directly by God as God's first creations. Each unique being was individually crafted, some showing more experimental creativity than others. Though they all varied greatly in all regards, demonologists have been able to mostly categorize them, though the undefined ones still defy classification.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

In general, undefined demons tend to avoid angels, especially the Powers, due to the risk of being vanquished. However, some mix more readily with other beings. The lack of common behaviors between most of these demons is part of what makes them undefined and in need of further study.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

Undefined Demon Characters


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