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Powers are the choir that is eighth in the Angelic Hierarchy, which denotes how closely a choir is to God. Being eighth of the nine choirs means they spend more time on Earth than in Heaven. This is because the Powers were created with the sole purpose of vanquishing demons because lower angels were too distracted by interacting with the mortal world to be able to care about hunting demons in general. Only a small percentage of Powers are among the Fallen due to this focus on vanquishing demons.

Basic Information


As angels, the Powers are beings of energy and have no true physical form. Instead, they take on forms as needed.

Genetics and Reproduction

As angels, Powers cannot reproduce. Unlike other angels, they also cannot experience physical pleasure.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In order to keep their energy high to fight demons, Powers must regularly consume high-calorie food and rest.


The Powers often shield their minds from other angels in order to avoid distraction, forcing messengers to be sent to them when needed. Most of those among the Fallen have accepted the use of mortal communication devices such as phones. However, they often ignore these when hunting a demon. Once they sense a demon very little will stop them from vanquishing it and only doing so will bring them peace.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Powers are known to appear globally, wherever their work is needed to deal with problem demons.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Powers are able sense the prescense of demons with a range up to five miles. They are also able to detect energetic traces of demons that are no longer in the area and can use this to track demons who are moving.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Though only a handful of Powers are Fallen, most of those who are work with the Mortal Protection Agency to protect mortals from demons. Most of those who are Blessed go wherever they are sent to deal with demonic issues.

Gender Ideals

Because they cannot experience physical pleasure, most Powers feel it is meaningless to choose a gendered form when among mortals. Most choose to appear in a gender-ambiguous form, unless they find another gender visually appealing.

Relationship Ideals

Due to their need to hunt demons by nature, few Powers allow themselves to be distracted by forming intimate connections, even friendships. It is especially rare for them to form relationships with sexual partners, though not unheard of.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Angels, by nature, know and understand all spoken and written languages on Earth.


When God first created angels to control demons, it was discovered that the ability to experience physical pleasure and the task of guiding mortal creations could be distractions for a large number of angels. So God created the Powers and tasked them to only spend their eternal lives hunting and vanquishing demons. They have little interaction with mortals, aside from those few who are Fallen, and cannot experience physical pleasure, though they can feel joy and happiness. A very small number still experience sexual desire without being able to experience pleasure.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Powers seek to remain unnoticed by every species but the demons they fight. They avoid other supernatural species and only interact with mortal humans on a limited basis. Most other species find them much more off-putting than any other choir of angels.


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