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Angelic Hierarchy

Author's note: Some creative liberty was taken to make this hierarchy slightly different from more widely-accepted concepts. This was done for worldbuilding reasons, specifically so that I could more easily work with types of angels more readily depicted in secular media as well as religious.


The angelic hierarchy is based on how close a type of angel is to God. Those at the top spend more time in Heaven among angels than on Earth among mortals. Those closer to the bottom spend more time on Earth among mortals than in Heaven among other angels.

Angelic Hierarchy

1. Seraphim (6), who were created to be the voice of God and stand ever ready to relay God's commands and judgements.
2. Cherubim (24), who were created to guard the way to God's Throne and only allow those who are permitted access to God to pass.
3. Thrones (12), who were created to dispense justice on the Earth and other angels.
4. Dominions (5), who were created to oversee the work of the Virtues and Principalities from Heaven.
5. Virtues (7), who were created to assist early nephilim in the working of miracles.
6. Principalities (18), who were created to oversee the passing of knowledge to humans in their own regions of the world.
7. Archangels (9), who were created to ensure the Powers and Angels are doing their duties in regards to protecting the mortal world from demons.
8. Powers (999), who were created with the sole duty of controlling demons.
9. Angels (999,999), who were created to protect mortals from demons and to pass on specific divine knowledge to mortal humans.


This structure of command and authority is so ingrained among the various choirs of angels that even the Fallen still abide by it without a second thought.

Public Agenda

Angels exist to protect the mortal world from demons, and to teach mortal humans specific information using their divine knowledge. Later, after God discovered the angels were being worshipped as gods themselves, they were reprimanded and directed to encourage the worship of God and God only.


God created angels to control demons and to protect and educate mortals. The different choirs came into being when God realized there needed to be different types of angels for different tasks in order to properly manage this work.

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