Author's note: The archangels chosen for the Kingdom Earth universe were taken from general Christianity and angels mentioned in Enoch. This is a throwback to teenage me whose first "rebellion" when deconstructing was to embrace something "banned from the bible." That was the Book of Enoch.


The nine Archangels were created by God to better guide and control the activities of the lower choirs of angels working directly with mortals on Earth. They are the seventh of the nine choirs of angels, putting the Angels and Powers under their authority. Each Archangel was given a specific specialty they were tasked with overseeing, ensuring that the angels did not neglect these areas, which included physically protecting mortals from demons and passing on certain divine knowledge to mortals. The Archangels cannot force any angel to do anything specific, but they can use their authority to encourage angels to remember their purpose.

Creative Power

Once God saw that angels were being worshipped as gods by the civilizations they helped to create, God graced the Archangels with the ability to father children among mortals. When reproducing with mortal humans, this results in the nephilim, who are then guided into becoming prophets or other promoters of monotheistic religions. Among non-human mortals, this led to the creation of hellhounds, merfolk, and fae, as the Archangels are able to take on a multitude of forms. The concubi also have an Archangelic father, but their creation is slightly different. Other species may also exist that haven't been tied conclusively to an Archangel yet.

The Nine

The nine Archangels are

Most of these Archangels have multiple names, but these are the names they most commonly choose to go by themselves. They will use different names based on those they are interacting with. Each Archangel also has their own archetypes they may or may not choose to use.

Basic Information


As angels, the Archangels are beings of energy and have no true physical form. Instead, they take on forms as needed.

Genetics and Reproduction

Archangels are the only angels with the ability to father offspring with the mortal species of Earth. However, they pass on no DNA, merely alter the mother's through the passing of angelic power.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In order to keep their energy high, archangels much eat regularly, rest, or return to Heaven (or Hell in the case of Archangel Lucifer).


Most archangels do not directly interfere with the mortal world, but when they do it leaves a lasting impression on all witnesses.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Archangels will appear anywhere they are needed.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While each archangel's strengths, or graces, are different, in general they can all sense demons from a range of over ten miles and can determine someone's true motives quite easily. This gives others the impression that they can read minds or are all-knowing.

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Archangels do not care for the human concept of gender, but they do most often appear in male forms as it is what mortals expect when they wish to reproduce.

Relationship Ideals

Most archangels do not care too much for the mothers of their children, only see them as a means to creating more nephilim. Some, however, do feel responsible for their wellbeing. Most do not involve themselves in the raising of their children, either, but do supply them with guides and other angelic resources. When interested in sexual activity but not in producing nephilim, archangels will find partners who do not have uteruses to be intimate with, on some rare occasions forming relationships that last the mortal's lifetime without the inherent difficulties of nephilim children to be concerned with.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Angels, by nature, know and understand all spoken and written languages on Earth.


God created the archangels to oversee the work of the Powers and angels. The Powers were to be kept hunting demons, and the angels were expected to guide and protect humans as well as generally protecting other mortal species as needed.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Archangels often wish to be perceived as they are when on Earth and make no effort to hide themselves in most instances. Most species, especially demons, are afraid or overly awed by them.

Genetic Descendants
Created by God

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