Author's note: The archangels chosen for the Kingdom Earth universe were taken from general Christianity and angels mentioned in Enoch. This is a throwback to teenage me whose first "rebellion" when deconstructing was to embrace something "banned from the bible." That was the Book of Enoch.


The nine Archangels were created by God to better guide and control the activities of the lower choirs of angels working directly with mortals on Earth. They are the seventh of the nine choirs of angels, putting the Angels and Powers under their authority. Each Archangel was given a specific specialty they were tasked with overseeing, ensuring that the angels did not neglect these areas, which included physically protecting mortals from demons and passing on certain divine knowledge to mortals. The Archangels cannot force any angel to do anything specific, but they can use their authority to encourage angels to remember their purpose.

Creative Power

Once God saw that angels were being worshipped as gods by the civilizations they helped to create, God graced the Archangels with the ability to father children among mortals. When reproducing with mortal humans, this results in the Nephilim, who are then guided into becoming prophets or other promoters of monotheistic religions. Among non-human mortals, this led to the creation of Hellhounds, Merfolk, and Fae, as the Archangels are able to take on a multitude of forms. The Incubi and Succubi also have an Archangelic father, but their creation is slightly different. Other species may also exist that haven't been tied conclusively to an Archangel yet.

The Nine

The nine Archangels are

Most of these Archangels have multiple names, but these are the names they most commonly choose to go by themselves. They will use different names based on those they are interacting with. Each Archangel also has their own archetypes they may or may not choose to use.

Genetic Descendants

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