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Only Blessed Angels may access Heaven. It is not a place for mortals to reach after death, as mortal souls are reborn from body to body.


There is no formal government in Heaven, but all angels there obey the Angelic Hierarchy that gives them all their roles and levels of power. At the top is God, who maintains authority through the threat of banishment. Most angels remain loyal and obey the hierarchy because they do truly love God and also don't wish to become Fallen angels.


Heaven requires no defenses as it can only be reached by Blessed angels. In the event that an angel among them decides to encourage others to act or speak against God or other angels, all angels of all levels are able bring that angel before God for judgement.


There are no levels or different sections of Heaven, despite their being a hierarchy among those who reside there. Despite what many writers may believe, even those who have spoken to angels about Heaven, God's Throne is not in Heaven, but a place of its own.


Heaven was created as a place of rest for the angels, who were originally created to fight the immortal demons, God's first creation. Angels must rebuild their stores of energy often, especially if they are fighting demons frequently.


The climate of Heaven is bright and warm, though not hot. There is often a pleasant mist that brings energy to the angels through its gentle movements. There is no ground, as angels are content floating in any form they wish to take, though most choose to remain in their true form as they are away from mortals. This has led some who have been told of the place to believe it is in the sky, but it may be a planet of its own.

"The Glory of Heaven" (1752), by Paul Troger


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