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Archangel Uriel


Uriel ensures the protection of those working in education, including both teachers and students. He is also a supporter of science and tends to disapprove of religion as no religion comes close to being truthful. He has also been known to reveal truths about the universe, including the truth about God, to those who he deems worthy of such knowledge.

He was also specially tasked by God to check on Adam and Eve annually to ensure their needs are being met and they are still within the confined of Eden.


When choosing to make his identity clear to mortals, Uriel often appears with fire in his hand, or carrying a book, a scroll, a flaming sword, a disc of the sun, or a celestial orb or disc of stars. Usually, he also has large white wings when appearing to mortals.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Uriel most often chooses to appear male, but from time to time he chooses to present himself as female. As an angel he has the ability to change his gender as needed or desired.


Uriel, like most angels, has no preference when it comes to the gender identity of his partners, regardless of what form he chooses to take on.

Morality & Philosophy

Uriel believes that truth and knowledge are the greatest virtues for all beings.

Personality Characteristics


Uriel does not particularly agree with the direction the world has taken in regards to religion, as he believes it hinders the spread of knowledge in many cases. For this reason, he never allowed himself to be seen as a god himself, unlike other angels, and refuses to father any children with mortals. The only exception to this is the Incubi and Succubi, of which he is the father. He is also a father of several Hellhounds, Merfolk, and Fae, as all the Archangels are. These are beings who serve no cruel purpose for God and simply create a more magical world.


Contacts & Relations

Uriel is the father of all the incubi and succubi, all of whom are born to Eve in Eden.

Mosaic of the archangel Uriel in St John’s Church in Wiltshire, England, created by James Powell and Sons of the Whitefriars Foundry (1888).
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Created by God
Male, usually
Masculine, Androgenous
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