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Archangel Michael


Michael was tasked, after the Fall of the Angels, with protecting the leaders of the new monotheistic religions, whatever they may be, from both demons and the Fallen. He ensures places of worship and the religious leaders themselves are kept safe and tasks the angels below him with this responsibility. His biggest concern is major religious leaders learning the truth about God and the universe.


Michael most often chooses to appear in armor and carrying a sword, spear, or banner.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Micheal most often chooses male forms.


Michael has no preference when it comes to the gender of his partners.

Failures & Embarrassments

Since the Fall there have not been enough Blessed angels to ensure the protection of all religious leaders, so Michael must focus his angels on the highest ranking religious leaders of all monotheistic religions that worship a version of God. This has led to some lower-ranking religious leaders being tormented by demons or learning the truth of the universe and turning away from their religions - and no longer venerating a god they start to have a poor opinion of.

Morality & Philosophy

Michael despises the Fallen, especially Archangel Lucifer. Their devotion to mortals and Earth over God is an ultimate betrayal and Michael believes they should not be permitted to freely roam the Earth. The Fallen are never to be reasoned or compromised with, and must immediately be vanquished when encountered. This is the same treatment demons should also face, as Michael considers both the Fallen and demons to be equally as vile. He is likely the origins of the myth that Fallen angels become demons.

Personality Characteristics


Michael is dedicated to fulfilling his duty by vanquishing as many of the Fallen and demons as possible in order to keep the Nephilim-constructed monotheistic religions dominating the world. He longs for God's praise.

Le Grand Saint Michel (1518) by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)
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