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Archangel Gabriel


Gabriel ensures the angels under his authority protect mortals engaged in messaging services, such as postal workers, messengers and couriers, and, most recently, those working in telecommunications. He also oversaw the angels teaching mortals how to create these systems, as well as written language.


When he chooses to use popular archetypes from artwork depicting him, Gabriel appears clothed in blue or white garments. He may also carry a lily, a trumpet, a lantern, a scroll, or a scepter. He may also tell those he is appearing to not to be afraid.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Gabriel usually presents himself as male, though, as an angel, he can change form at will.


Gabriel has no preference about the gender of his chosen lovers, though he now often chooses male lovers to avoid fathering more Nephilim.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Gabriel is most known for being the father of both John the Baptist and Jesus.

Morality & Philosophy

Being the father of two Nephilim who are considered successful in their purpose, Gabriel has become less willing to father more. As time passes he becomes more frustrated with the cruel treatment of the Nephilim and the violence that has come from them following their God-given purpose successfully. While not willing to confront God as his fellow Archangel Lucifer did, Gabriel is a supporter of allowing Nephilim to live normal lives instead of blindly obeying God's plan. How God will feel about that upon turning its attention back to Earth is not something Gabriel chooses to worry about.

Personality Characteristics


Gabriel wishes to remain in God's good graces, yet he also does not want any more of his children to suffer on Earth for following God's expectations for them.

Gabriel in The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci, circa 1472-1476
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