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The being known generally as God has multiple names in various languages and monotheistic religions. For ease of documentation it is referred to merely as "God." Born as a creative, sentient force at the same moment the universe came into being, God has no physical form, no gender, and no voice. Not even the highest angels can see God, and instructions are communicated into the minds of angelic messengers in the form of ideas, not words.


God is the major creative force behind the countless species across the universe. Among the innumerable planets God has created unimaginable worlds, all unique and distinct from each other. Some planets harbor an abundance of plant and animal life, while others are examples of God playing with elements and physics. On the planet known as Earth, God created countless plant and animal species over time. Some were created entirely by God, while others were allowed to evolve and change over time. Some species were also created by God from others, most notably the werewolves and vampires. Before any of the mortal races, however, God created demons, then it created angels to control the demons so that mortal species could be created.


Due to the abundance of planets for God to create on, God is not always paying attention to everything that happens on every planet. Leaving the worlds to their own natural progression is a part of the entertainment for God. God enjoys seeing what will happen to a world full of beings with free will, though God often leaves instructions with the angels as to what should be done while God is absent.

Will and Whims

Along with being a creative force, God lacks empathy for any if its creations. The fact that the species it has created are living and conscious mean little to God. Due to this, God often subjects the species on its planets to abusive experimentations. God's will is constantly changing and impossible for mortals to comprehend - most of the angels do no better at understanding God. God is also known to be extremely jealous, something seen clearly in the Fall of the angels, which was partially a result of angels being worshipped as gods by the civilizations God had instructed them to create.

Not All-Powerful

God is an immensely powerful creative supernatural force, but God is not all-powerful. Not even God can kill an immortal being it has created, such as a demons or an angel. God also cannot stop or reverse time, nor can God see the future. God also cannot change physical or mental characteristics of anything it has created in any supernatural way. God can give a being, such as an angel, additional abilities or knowledge, but can't take anything away from such a being.

Current Location
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Appeared as a sentient creative force at the dawn of the universe
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