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Hell is populated exclusively by demons and Fallen Angels of various types. Mortals cannot reach Hell and mortal souls are never sent to Hell after death as they are born again into new bodies.


There is no true government in Hell. Instead, beings there simply respect those who are more powerful than they are. Because most beings in Hell are only there temporarily while they recover enough energy to exist on Earth, this is rarely an issue.


There is no need to defend Hell as no beings other than Fallen angels angels and demons are able to reach it.


There are no districts or "circles" of Hell, despite popular belief. It is all one vast space of same-ness.


Hell was created by God as a place for the angels to vanquish demons to. When some of the angels chose their love of humanity over their love of God, Hell became the place where they could rest as Fallen angels, as Heaven was a place of rest for the Blessed angels, with Earth being a shared plane.

It is unknown exactly where the realm of Hell lies. Some suspect it is at the center of the Earth due to its hot atmosphere and pools of magma, but most speculate that it is another planet entirely. Those who travel to and from Hell are able to do so with merely a thought, or by being vanquished.


Despite popular fiction, mortals are not able to visit Hell in life or in death. It is only accessible to Fallen angels and demons.


The overall climate of Hell is incredibly hot, full of noxious fumes and pools of hot magma. This had led some to wonder if it is the center of the Earth.

"The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium, from 'Paradise Lost', Book 1" by John Martin (1789–1854)

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