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Sexual Demons

Content warning: This article contains mentions of non-consenual sexual activity.

Sexual demons are not to be confused with concubi, which are not demons at all.

Basic Information


All demons are unique individual entities, examples of God's creativity. While sexual demons are all similar in how they acquire energy, they differ greatly from each other in physical size and anatomy, with some being utterly monstrous and others being similar to various types of mortal creatures. They are also entirely unique when it comes to what level of power they possess and what they can do with that power.

Genetics and Reproduction

Though they live off sexual energy and sexual activity, sexual demons cannot reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

Sexual demons thrive in many places, from busy cities where they can blend in, to rural areas where their activities may never be noticed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sexual demons require a large amount of sexual energy and activity in order to thrive. This can take any form at all, and does not need to be consensual.


Sexual demons will stop at nothing to obtain sex and sexual energy, as some need excessive amounts to thrive. There are some who force themselves onto others, be they demons, mortal humans, or other species. These individual demons are hunted aggressively when discovered. Others enjoy the act of seduction as much as they enjoy the sexual acts.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Sexual demons need other species to satisfy their high energetic demands. There simply aren't enough demons in a given region at a given time for them to confine their activities to other demons.

Civilization and Culture


Sexual demons, like all other demons, were created directly by God as God's first creations. Each unique being was individually crafted, some showing more experimental creativity than others. Though they all varied greatly in all regards, Demonologists have been able to mostly categorize them. They were the ones to determine what made a sexual demon just that, versus all other categories of demons.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Sexual demons view all other species on Earth as potential sexual partners. These other species view sexual demons as threats to families, marriages, children, and livestock. Concubi view them as the cause of popular misconceptions about themselves.

Genetic Ancestor(s)


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