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All those who wish to be demonologists must have a working understanding of the supernatural, how to protect themselves, and how to vanquish demons if needed. They must then be accepted into an apprenticeship by an experienced demonologist.

Career Progression

Demonologists must first be apprentices and assistants to working demonologists for a period of time. Once the experienced demonologist believes they are competent enough to go alone, the new demonologist may leave the apprenticeship and go their own way. Due to the fact that most demonologists are Fallen angels and immortal, there is little need for new demonologists to be trained on a regular basis.

Payment & Reimbursement

Demonologists are paid by the Mortal Protection Agency when their expertise is needed. When acting as consultants for others dealing with demon issues, most demonologists work out a fee with the person who needs their help before they begin their work.



Demonologists work to study and understand the millions of demons that exist between Earth and Hell. They are responsible for categorizing many of the types of demons, and for giving other angels, especially the Fallen Powers, a better understanding of demons as a whole. Though most demonologists don't go out of their way to vanquish most demons, they will do so when it is necessary, but they often need help from others who specialize in vanquishing stronger demons as needed. They also work to correct misunderstandings created by unqualified so-called demonologists who are often simply making things up.

Social Status

Demonologists are highly respected, though they are often joked about because of their eccentric career of following demons around to study them.


The majority of demonologists are Fallen angels, though there are fewer than one hundred demonologists in the world. The greater number of Fallen is likely because, as angels, they were tasked by God with the job of protecting mortals from demons. Those who were more curious than others about the demons began to study them, and likely became sympathetic to some forms of demons. That sympathy potentially led to their Fall with many of their brethren.

From time to time a vampire, werewolf, or one of the fae may become a demonologist. This is not common, and their ability to be killed makes the job far more dangerous for those of these species.


There have always been some angels who were more interested in studying demons than purely vanquishing them, and they sought to create a better understanding about demons for all angels - and potentially others. These angels genuinely find demons fascinating and a part of God's world just as the angels and other beings are. Even before the Fall, they attempted to educate as many of their brethren as they could about the various types of demons. Eventually, they began to write books about what they had learned and distribute these books to their brethren.


Provided Services

Demonologists study new demons, consult with independent vanquishers and agents of the Mortal Protection Agency and write books about demons that can be used as easy references.

Dangers & Hazards

When studying demons there is alwasy the risk that the demon could harm the demonologist. For those who are angels, this could result in them being vanquished to Hell until they regain enough power to return to Earth. For those who are not immortal, this could potentially mean death. It is recommended that non-angel demonologists always work in pairs to potentially be safer.

Research / Scientific
An example of the work of a non-qualified, self-titled demonologist that has caused harm in the demonology sphere due to the spread of false information. Dismantling misinformation is a goal of many demonologists, though their work rarely makes it to the hands of mortals, even the most die-hard occultists.

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