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Aamun is a major character in Mortal Protection, which is currently only available to subscribers on Ream.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Aamun is an angel and therefore has certain powers than only angels possess. However, he is from the choir of angels who are the least powerful and closest to humans in mind, so his powers are limited. He can change his form at will, communicate with other angels telepathically, travel from place to place with only a thought, and influence mortal thoughts to a degree. He also has supernatural strength and is immortal.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aamun (the name he currently uses, one of hundreds he has used) was created by God among the thousands of angels. This choir within the Angelic Hierarchy is the lowest and closest in thought to mortal humans. Created with an innate love for the mortal beings on Earth, especially humans, Aamun spent much of his time there from the beginning. He helped early humans build civilizations, had a hand in the development of languages both spoken and written, and was one of the countless angels who were worshipped as gods. In Egypt they called him Amun.

None of the angels believed that being considered gods by ancient peoples was a bad thing, including Aamun, as they took it as the mortal humans thanking them for their help with surviving and building civilizations. It was not Aamun's intention to attempt to place himself on the same level as God the Creator. After all, the angels had not been given any instruction that only God was to be venerated and worshipped by mortals. But God did not appreciate this development and set about demanding worship and criticizing the angels for their behavior. This began a series of abuses by God on humanity, abuses many of the angels attempted to stop or defend mortals from. This would eventually lead to the Fall of many thousands of angels, including Aamun.

Once forced to remain on Earth and utilize Hell as a place of rest, yet free from the control of God, Aamun continued working to protect and care for mortals. The Fall had not changed the nature he had been created with, and so his love for humanity and the Earth remained as strong as ever. Over thousands of years he has attempted to protect the vulnerable from the cruelties of the new religions created by the nephilim. He has helped small communities secretly keep ancient traditions when conquerors marched through, taken vengeance on abusive clergy for those they have harmed, and helped condemned witches escape death. Since the mid-1800s he has been in the United States working with that nation's Mortal Protection Agency, helping humans who are abused by other forms of power besides God's. This includes dealing with demons both real and mortal.

Gender Identity

Aamun is technically nonbinary or genderfluid, but most often takes on a male form as this is what currently allows him to do the most good with the least amount of resistance. He will change his gender if the situation calls for it.


Aamun is pansexual and will form intimate relationships with anyone who is drawn to him in a genuine and loving way. He is also aromantic in the sense that he is unable to love any one mortal more than any other, but he will still devote himself to any lover who he forms a relationship with.


Aamun currently works for the Mortal Protection Agency.

Personality Characteristics


Aamun's only true motivation is his love of mortals and his need to protect and care for them. Like many of his brethren, this is what led him to become one of the Fallen.

Current Status
Working as an agent of the MPA
Often appearing male
Aligned Organization
Known Languages


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