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Moon Dance

The Moon Dance, an ancient and once-venerated tradition, traces its origins back to a time long before The Great Collapse shrouded the Umbrasol Basin in darkness. In those ancient days, when the region's inhabitants sought to honor the celestial forces and beseech blessings upon their land, they gathered under the full moon's radiant gaze to partake in the Moon Dance. However, as the tides of time have swept over the basin, new religious beliefs have emerged, causing the Moon Dance to fall out of favor. Now, the dance finds solace in the hearts of the people of Aureliax, a cultural tie to their city's distant past and a reminder of the enduring traditions of old.

The Dance

During the Moon Dance, as the full moon ascends to its zenith, the people of Aureliax gather in the moonlit expanse near Umbrator. Dressed in garments that shimmer like moonbeams, they form a circle, hands joined in unity, and embark on the age-old dance. Gracefully swaying and twirling to ancient melodies, their movements mimic the celestial dance of the moon itself.
As the night progresses, the dance reaches a crescendo, and fervent whispers of prayers and blessings fill the air. These entreaties, woven with hope and reverence, seek the favor of the divine, calling upon the celestial forces to bless the region with prosperity, protection, and good fortune.


The Moon Dance predates the Great Collapse, harking back to the early days when the Umbrasol Basin's ancient inhabitants embraced a deep connection with the celestial realm. In those bygone eras, they perceived the full moon as a potent symbol of mystical energy, revered and adored as a manifestation of divine power.
For countless generations, the Moon Dance was cherished as a sacred ritual that bound the community together and fostered a sense of spiritual harmony with the cosmos. Each cycle of the full moon marked a joyous celebration of their ancient traditions and an opportunity to express their gratitude to the celestial forces that watched over them.

Modern Tradition

As the ages unfolded, the Moon Dance lost some of its luster and appeal, eclipsed by the rise of new religious beliefs and practices. The cataclysmic events of the Great Collapse brought about profound changes in the basin, altering the spiritual landscape and shifting the focus of devotion.
While the tradition has gradually receded from the forefront of religious observances, the people of Aureliax refused to let it vanish entirely. Holding on to their city's cultural heritage, they revived the Moon Dance as a treasured tradition, keeping alive the memory of their ancestors' devotion to the celestial realm.
As the moon rises over the Umbrator, the people of Aureliax continue to gather under its silvery glow, embracing the Moon Dance with pride and reverence. The dance may no longer hold the religious prominence it once did, but it remains a testament to the enduring power of cultural identity and the timeless beauty of ancient traditions.


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