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Who has the time to take a stroll for leisure?
— A youth
Back in the day, when the population of The Station was small, people had time, energy, and space to stroll around. Now with several million inhabitants, almost no space, 24/7 open companies, and a lot of other entertainment, people don't have the time nor patience to stroll around their block with no destination planned.   When people are walking around seemingly without a purpose, people will believe that they are either tourists, up to no good, or old fashioned people who have nothing better to do.  

How to stroll

The difference between strolling and walking is that strolling is done at a slower pace, and the person partaking in the action also looks at other things, absorbs the surroundings, and enjoys what they are doing. While walking usually has an end goal, the stroll is the goal for the person strolling. Sometimes people wore nicer clothes when out strolling because they would interact with people they met outside.  


Strolling was usually done after a hearty meal back when the Dragons lived on their own planet. They usually were in their dragon forms then, and since they were content with full bellies, they usually strolled instead of flew. When they fled to The Station, they still kept up with this tradition even though their meals weren't hearty anymore. They had to ration their food while living on the planet until they realized they could farm on the station and get resources from the planet below them. It was hard to get resources from the planet, but they got more food when they started trade agreements with other planets. However, that was also when more people wanted to move to The Station, and the place started to get crowded instead. Now there are very few people who go out for strolls.


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Aug 4, 2023 18:42

I laughed at first because I'm a chronic stroller, but I also live in the middle of nowhere... I totally get out how being crowded would outdate it. I wouldn't want to either. Great article!

Aug 8, 2023 23:56 by Dragon

I didn't know what to write for this prompt but I had decided that I wanted to make something silly. Walking being outdated was the first thing that came to mind. XD;; But I do live in bigger city and I never XD;;

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