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The sign of Horan

Before there was law and civilization there was justice. The sense of right and wrong and the balancing of the two concepts has been with the peoples of Colarn since time immemorial. Before formal laws were written people would seal their deals with first a handshake and then the sign of Horan which was a crossing of the hands, wrist over wrist and hands in closed fists over their hearts. The right hand would be nearest the person's heart and the left hand would be on the outside facing the other person. This old and simple gesture would be used to show the person's commitment to the deal being struck. It was often used to make an alliance between two tribes or when bartering. It would mean a swearing by Horan, you are being fair and just in your dealings and are serious enough about it to invoke justice itself. If one makes this sign and attempts to deceive or renege on the terms of the agreement, it is said that Horan will mete out punishment on the person who would offend on an agreement done in his name. In more modern times the gesture fell out of style as many contracts may not be straightforward and it was not worth risking the wrath of a greater god over a technicality.  It is also said that Horan will not bless and even curse unjust or criminal contracts done in his name, so many businesses do not use the sign. There still some that will make the gesture in their dealings, but because it stopped being used in regular dealings some millennia ago, most see it as quant and old fashioned, most not realizing the religious significance or the fact that it is one of the most ironclad and enforceable guarantees that one can have when one if making an agreement.


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Aug 1, 2023 18:56 by Drake Ragon

I'm getting viking vibes - and I love vikings. :]   A little sidenote - adding 1 or 2 headings as well as maybe some underlined / bold elements would break up the chunk of text end increase readability. BUT thats nothing to hurry to - everything at your pace.   Now I am kinda sad its old fashioned - there is simply something .... "basic / rooted / grounded" in hand-gestures. Keep it up and shall the article spawn many more.

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