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In recent times the practice has fallen from normality, some families still continue the ritual, espically those with long family ties dating back before the fall of Old Thaltical. Most families that started after the establishment of New New Blackstone don't practice the ritual, viewing it as old fashioned and not needed in the modern world.


Every winter Orc's take a piece of wood from the nearby woods, and spend the winter carving the piece into a small effigy of an animal. The effigy is then given to babies born into the family, and it is thought that the baby would take on the traits of the animal effigies, courage of a Lion, strength of a bear, eyes of a hawk, so on.   If no baby is born into a family by the end of the next winter, the effigies are donated to other families with new borns, or to the children being cared for by the village. (Orc's not living in New New Blackstone, or the New Thaltical Republic donate their effigies to local orphanages - Orcish towns have no orphanages themselves as a child without parents becomes the responsibility of the village to care for.)

Components and tools

A carving knife, often something that is made for a person to be given to them on their 19th birthday. And a chunk of local wood, back in Old Thalitcal it was often pine or stone-oak, in the New Thaltical Republic, it often Oak, Maple or Poplar wood.


All adult members of a family partake in the ritual, starting from the age of 19.


The carving of the ritual happens through Getta to Corine - Oxdara's winter months. And the gifting takes place year round, if no new baby is born before the next Corine, the year before's gifts are given to other children.
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