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Temple of Roads

Purpose / Function

When the temple was active it was a must-visit for travelers where letters were sent to the city that the temple was in news was exchanged. If people were wanting to know about what was going on outside of Ubudongiu talking to travelers at the temple is a good way to get that news. Those who are going to travel will visit the temple and leave offerings at the temple for safe travel. Those that can't afford to stay in the inns in the city can stay in the temple but they will have to give an offering or help the Priests.


When the temple was active Giustanonne would be working in the temple to maintain it and Priests to work and help the worshippers in their worship. Worshippers and travelers were a frequent sight in the temple and sometimes the god Tialímin will be in the temple although he is rather serious in getting The Gloom Path maintained.


The temple is now in ruins and is pretty much destroyed as it appeared that it took the brunt of the damage and other than a few pillars the temple is pretty much not standing now. Since scholars are not allowed to study the ruins in person they are not sure what they use to look like but have a few ideas based on smaller shrines and temples.
March 15th, 3000
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Temple of Death, Temple of the Paths
Temple / Church
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