Under an iron sky Rise of Ci Scá Múnt

Rise of Ci Scá Múnt

Religious event


Ci Scá Múnt means Those Who Follow and this is when the Miylian Elders started to follow.

Like most Dragons, The Spider Queen and the Lord of Order lived with the Miylian Elder Elves as other Elven people as they were curious about the Elves that live on Miyla. The Elves were wanting to settle by the chaotic mountains and the Waves which almost crushed the Elves. The Spider Queen saved them by showing her Dragon from and stopping the Waves while her husband started to anchor in the mountains to anchor it.   As the first Dragons that these Elves saw they naturally decided that the couple were gods and started to worship them and asked that Dragons lead them. To show their commitment they sacrificed several animals to the Dragons and offered their children as servants and slaves to the gods. This gave the Dragons their first Priests and it was something that amused the Spider Queen greatly while her husband wanted to set the Elves straight that they were not gods. She didn't allow him though.

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