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"Behold the fate of those who brake Shelter." Raga said as he kicked the husk's head.
  There are a few different names for these monsters. These husks are also called ghouls or ghast. The ghast is the smartest of the two types. Since these are undead creatures and the first ones were humans. Humans are normally turned into ghouls and elves are turned into ghasts. This might be a normal rule but it is not always. If you hear one of these monsters howling know that there are many more and they have just found their prey.

Basic Information


The monster is humanoid. It has two legs that it uses to stand. It has two arms that it uses to grab. It has a head with a mouth used to bite. Sometimes it has a nose, but even if the flesh is gone the holes will be there. Sometimes it has unseeing eyes, but even if there is no eye the holes are there.

Genetics and Reproduction

The husk does not reproduce. These monsters are made with Necromancy. The monster is made by either a ritual or a spell.

Growth Rate & Stages

The husk starts by looking normal. The only thing that would look different is a glassy look in the eyes. As it becomes old the husk starts to decay. Magic will keep it walking and semi-fresh for a while. When the monster finally dies it will be in a pile of ash. That is if it dies naturally.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

It is smart enough to follow simple orders. The order needs to be along the line of, "Go here and kill this." But some of them are allowed to keep some of their intelligence. Those husks are able to lead and give orders to the other husks.
Scientific Name
Any dead humanoid
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