Osuchi (oˈzuki)

Dream Flower, Dark Wave Language

"While he wove the magics the grass sighed and from it was woven the Osuchi."
- The Word Of Desires, The Canticle of Bhoa dru Durá
This is a lilac-like plant that is believed to have been created by Lynir's dreams and his use of Alteration and Illusion magic. That is because the plants' colors are odd so they were altered and they seem to be glowing when looked at although all photos of the plant don't have that glow. It grows in and around the shrines of Lynir and there is isn't many surviving shrines to the Fa Geinn God of Rebrith.

Basic Information


The flowers are on a branch with leaves also on the branch often growing near the Ley-Enriched Springs.

Biological Traits

Osuchi is a plant similar to lilacs which is a plant that grows on Earth. These flowers however are purple and blue and that glow when obseved in nature.

Ecology and Habitats

Osuchi often grows by Ley-Enriched Spring which are rare and can be hard to find. The ones that have been found have shrines to Lynir the God of Rebirth, Shrines of the Bhoa dru Durá, and some times shrines to Tialímin the Lord of Roads and his wife Scuchichio the Guide of Childbirth.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Upon finding and harvesting osuchi some Humans found that it had similar benefits that the lavenders of Earth have. The Miylian Elders' old Ci Scá Múnt religion points to the fact that they also discovered the benefits of the plant and have written details on how to use various oils with osuchi.   In some religious texts such as The Word Of Desires and the Guide to the Gloom Way it is described the oil crafted from osuchi can help soothe wounds and lessen pain in a few different ways. In the Guide to the Gloom Way Scuchichio the Goddess of Home and Childbirth has a section that says that osuchi oil can help with the pain after a baby is delivered, easing the pain, and helping to heal necessary wounds that comes from it. However, in The World of Desires a different mix describes that the oil can help erase scars and help improve one's skin making them more beautiful.   Ci Scá Múnt also discovered that osuchi is editable and was used in some culinary dishes usually taking the place of salt as both a perseverative and a seasoning. Osuchi had a clean sweet flavor that can be added to most dishes. It can also help alleviate an upset stomach and treat other such illnesses.   The last thing that was discovered about osuchi is that the smell of the flower can help improve memory and the ability to recall information. The small also helps calm anxiety which can make taking a test less stressful. Its calming ability is useful to help people relax after work or to feel more at ease in places that utilize the smell.   With all of that said osuchi is highly sought out by Alchemists, perfumers, and various other crafters. The Word Of Desires shows how to make incense for the temples and shrines to the gods.
Conservation Status
The flower is hard to find as the springs that it grows around are hard to find and most of them are in The Waves the ever-shifting mountains with moving trails. Due to this, some people have planted some in springs easier to find and that are not in The Waves such as the Refugee Garden. They are tricky plants so even the ones that are growing in different places will have can have a hard time growing there.
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