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Meaning sun wave city in Yellow Dragonic it is a city in Tuzæksoskī and is under the control of Tuzæk Tuɦegasa. The city has a large open air markets.


The zâmū is the lord of the city is the one that makes all of the local laws and he has a cabinet called a wag that manages all other facets of the government.


A wall is around the city with gates on either side of the city and gates and the mouths of the river. The walls have cannons injunctions that are used to destroy the enemy's defenses that were created so during a siege. There are also towers to protect the cannons and archers. Also, dragons live in the city, and since they can fly and breathe fire that can also be a strong defense. Although on Miyla where dragons are the ones that are in governments and armies so that may not be a large defense. The Waves being nearby has also served as a natural defense that is near Bridt Sche which is the country that the Black Wing Flight dragons are who are enemies with the Golden Wing Flight.

Industry & Trade

The farms outside of the city grow solar tea which is an ingredient in vômdō nubvūf which is a special tea that is used in the nubvūf yâd called ibād’aek nubvūf yâd or the conqueror's tea ceremony which is used when a city is conquered. The tea can be drunk without the ceremony. The tea is shipped throughout Tuzæksoskī and to countries of allied flights. Solar tea is the largest export from the city but because of the rich farmland, many other plants and animals are raised and shipped.    Although the city is powered there are not a lot of industry and most things are handmade with a view things that are manufactured. Since this is the case a lot of manufactured goods are imported which some of the citizens use to make their craft go faster.


The city has an entrepreneurial spirit with a river that flows through the city that has aqueducts that are built out into surrounding fields. Watermills can be found along the river that is how the city is powered. Bridges are tall and high over the river and the aqueducts have to be tall because boats sail under them. There is at least one port where the riverboats are docked.


The open-air markets in the city have various stalls that sell produce, tea, various nick-nacks, furniture, and cultural items most of which are handmade or grown in the surrounding farms. Street performers and art stalls dot the markets.


The open-air markets are the main reason why people come here not just to shop but to watch street performers. Since the city is a trade city it is also known for having nice hotels and great nightlife to explore on short or long trips. The city's somewhat central location makes it a place that people pass through. The Waves are also nearby and some people come to admire the mountains from afar but most people do not go near the mountains because they mark the border and the magical storms that rage through them sometimes. The Gold Dragons do not want to be caught in the mountains during storms because the magic is strong enough to kill a dragon.


The city has the Waves on one side to a distance and is plain with a river that runs through the city and goes through some hills. The city is built on some hills which boost good views of the waves. The plains are good for farmland.

Natural Resources

Being near a river with farmland nearby water and various other crops and animals that are farmed. The land is used by the city that lives in the city but they have great respect for the land and do their best to take care of it so that it will last a long time.
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