Breadsticks Cooking and Eating

Traditionally breadsticks are crispy although some restaurants like Quim Brear do serve them as soft and very buttery as a side dish.


When breadsticks were starting to pop up in people's diets is not completely clear however it was something that was common for Wave Guides to pack in rations for themselves and the people that they were guiding people through The Waves. Breadsticks were often packed with dried fruits and meats in Ration Packs and are meant to carry a person over until they can return to a better and more balanced diet. The Black Wing Army mandates that crispy almost burnt bread be placed in these packs which is one of the things that they have in common with Tuzæk Tuɦegasa's Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō.

Components and tools

Wheat doesn't grow on Miyla but Asianna a purple grain does so that is how flour is made. The bread is also baked with yeast, water, and salt. In The Waves it is not uncommon for the bread to be seasoned with Osuchi which is a flower that has a sweet taste. However, osuchi can be hard to find as it only grows near Ley-Enriched Spring within the Waves. Bakers will season the breadsticks with butter and sometimes with or without other seasonings.   With the ingredients out of the way time for the tools which are simple enough. First up, cups to measure the ingredients, a bowl for mixing the ingredients, a rolling pin, a baking sheet, and finally an oven.


Bakers usually make these tasty treats.


Bakers also keep an eye on the process to ensure that nothing catches on fire.
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