Wallüŋ Ab (ˈvalyːŋ aːp)

Playful Frog, Black Draconic

The throne of the Spider Queen was large and intimidating and Solsínabh stood over a pool of water. However, a bunch of happy and playful toads were playing in the pool almost distracting from her and her power.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The playful frogs live in humid caves that are common in The Waves where Giant Spiders and Drider live. These little frogs live in their nests and serve the spiders by protecting the eggs and keeping various smaller pests away by eating them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These frogs eat smaller bugs such as flies and other annoying bugs that are not terrifying huge spiders.


These frogs are rather playful and will play some small pranks by jumping on each other, the spiders, or the random adventure who foolishly thought they would only be dealing with giant spiders. These antics are something that the Drider think is humorous so they often pretend not to notice the stalking frogs and exaggerate the startling they get.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are often in caves in The Waves but there is a lot in the Court of the Spider Queen because the Spider Queen Solsínabh is very fawn of these little creatures and has several of them within her throne room.
Scientific Name
fwasquo schettri uolvo (/fwaskwo ˈskɛttri ˈwolvɔ/ playful spider frog, Dark Wave Language)
Conservation Status
Since the Spider Queen fawns over these creatures they were considered to be pets and holy to her even though they are not spiders. Now that Fa Geinn is not ruling over Bridt Sche they are not as popular pets and instead live mostly in the wild. Instead of being the pets of normal people, they became the pets of giant spiders and Drider.
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