Sürl Dussch

"The report says that Azrimor died in the incident so I doubt that I saw him." Raga said.   "That report cannot be true after all you are alive." Aùshe said.
The official report of the incident states that the Golden Wing Flight Dragons attacked a border village called Tichenfdt Ronnts while Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser was at a Konn Prünnzu Tradtar helping Pfussäwinn Witts get the tradtar or reactor back online. Instead of finding what was wrong Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser instead found a secret of Flenndt Kwösster and caused the collapse of the reactor. The report states that the enemy attacked the reactor which caused the collapse and the destruction of the village at the foot of The Waves.

The Conflict


Pfussäwinn Witts noticed on the national power grid that the tradtar in the Waves was not responding to them or sending any energy to the nearby town or the surrounding area. Since the Waves are the border to Tuzæksoskī they made use of their loan of Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser's time to send them to that reactor to guard technicians while they repair the tradtar.


Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser was ordered to be on loan to Pfussäwinn Witts by Prö Frötts the leaders of the Black Wing Army and most of the other Bridt Sche armed forces at the time. Kaan Pfussäwinn had ordered them to the Waves to protect a team of technicians as they repair the tradtar.


This conflict takes place in the Waves a mountain range that looks like a stormy sea made out of the earth. The location looks that way because of how close to the surface the leyline is in that location, which means more frequent Magical Storms in the area. These storms and alter the physical appearance of some areas making them look bizarre. With the close to the surface leylines, it is heavily advised not to fly over the mountains and use magic sparingly as it could disrupt the natural balance in the area and trigger a storm.   These factors make the tradtar in these mountains very dangerous because the tradtar mines Konn Prünnzu which is what magic is called when it flows through the leylines. Since the conflict starts at this base it is miracle that the conflict did not trigger a Magical Storm in the mountains.   The town of Tichenfdt Ronnts which is located at the foot of the Waves specializes in non-magical tours and transportation through the mountains with Jiebo Meelacha and camping. Being so close to such unique mountains the town thrives off of tourism more than helping people cross the Waves. That is because Tuzæksoskī is on the other side of the mountains and although Dōhoktaekhoz, a city on the other side of the mountains has been in the Black Dragon's control since they won the Siege of Dōhoktaekhoz. Even being so close to the border the town doesn't have much in the way of defenses other than a wall and the mountains themselves.

The Engagement

The Golden Dragons attacked the town while Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser was helping Pfussäwinn Witts with the tradtar. When the tradtar collapsed Alls Uchdt, Raga Soyla, and the Pfussäwinn Witts team were killed. Azrimor Mäpwüsofdt and Kao were killed in aerial combat that resulted in grown combat causing the town to be destroyed leaving no surivors.


With Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser dead Bridt Schtricksüker signed the Black and White Treaty putting an end to another round of war for the time being. Much of Bridt Sche's territory was surrendered to the enemy however because of their surrender but they were able to hold Dōhoktaekhoz. With Bridt Schtricksüker's most devote defenders gone what little power that the flight had gone to Pfussäwinn Witts who took over the country.


Tuzæk Tuɦegasa was emboldened by the attack and the surrender of one of their long-term enemies and did not side idle in the shroud of peace. After the attack they order Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō to instantly training new Monks getting ready for another war. They have heard that Pfussäwinn Witts was close to creating artificial Focus Crystals and the Golden Dragons want them. Also, after hearing about Kezedfrunch they made an alliance with Headquarts to supply them with weapons in exchange for the unquie focus crystals.   With the Bridt Schtricksüker overthrown Pfussäwinn Witts the company that owned everything under Dächschproüer Ügngailk, the hoarding law, stepped in as the new government. The company turned to more advanced weapon research and revived a pet project of theirs that is being kept a secret at the time being. Everyone in Bridt Sche was happy to see the war end however most believe that another war with Tuzæksoskī is just around the corner.

Historical Significance


Many theorists believe that the part of the report that had the Golden Dragons involved is all fake and that somehow Pfussäwinn Witts was able to kill Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser inside the tradtar and that something went wrong which caused the town to be destroyed. Some even say that there was something inside the tradtar that was hidden there to trigger the three dragons' primal rage which may have also destroyed the town. The reason why many people think that the part of the conflict that involved the Golden Dragons is fake is that it is common knowledge to the people living on the border that those dragons are superstitious of the Waves.
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Annglerairnsdtjiebo 20th, 6001
Ending Date
Annglerairnsdtjiebo 20th, 6001
Conflict Result
The town was destroyed and Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser were all killed.


Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser

Led by


All four members were Böm Graitne Schällk meaning that they were the best of the best. The unit is was a specialized team that was over-equipped to deal with the situation at hand and were on loan to Pfussäwinn Witts to escort a team to repair the Konn Prünnzu Tradtar that was not responding in The Waves.


All four members of Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser Azrimor Mäpwüsofdt, Alls Uchdt, Kao Venkaprja, and the newest member Raga Soyla the asset and son of Soül Soyla the Portal Master where all killed in the incident.


Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser where on loan from the Black Wing Army under the order of Bridt Schtricksüker to Pfussäwinn Witts to investigate a Konn Prünnzu Tradtar in the Waves that was no longer responding. Since the Waves are on the border with Tuzæksoskī and the area was contested the company wanted to send a strong team to help assess the situation but didn't want to put anyone from Söchdt Blannäbe Schennsch at risk.


The security team had moderate training enough that they could serve as guards and protect the workers who had little to no military training. Most of the guards were from Kwönnsch Püerngsing which is the police force of Nyiltokti under Pfussäwinn Witts.


All members of the teams were killed when the tradtar collapsed as they were either guarding or preparing the tradtar.


To aid Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser in identifying problems with the reactor and to fix them while keeping the workers safe.


With a large army under the Golden Wing Flight's government, Tuzæk Tuɦegasa they can be diverse and difficult foe to beat. The units that were reported to be at the Waves during the conflict were very well trained and prepared to face a foe like Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser.


They suffered no reported casualties.


To stop the Black Wing Flight from crossing the border and to protect the border. Since Sürl Drün Söchdt Inntser would have served as a huge threat to the Golden Flight taking them out if encountered was another objective.