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Flenndt Kwösster (flɛnt ˈkvœstɐʁ)

We take the information from other divisions work and research more into it. We then give our findings to the other divisions so they can develop on the concept more.
-Henskre Glychau
One of the two research and development divisions in Pfussäwinn Witts Flenndt Kwösster is a bit more specialized than the other department. Flenndt Kwösster does more biological research and science. The division's lead scientist is Henskre Glychau. Dr. Glychau is a Shifter Dragon scientist that loves to learn more about biology and how biology changes over time. Her favorite subjects are half-lings. She likes to learn more about Half-Dragons since most do not live past birth.   Since Flenndt Kwösster is a part of Pfussäwinn Witts it shares its parent's freedom. Flenndt Kwösster is not regulated by the government or any other health and safety laws and rules. Flenndt Kwösster can work outside of ethical boundaries when it comes to humanoid experiments and other experiments that resolute in the tampering of biology and DNA.

Public Agenda

Flenndt Kwösster's works under the agenda of finding a way of bettering the Black Flight's troops. That way fewer people and dragons are deployed and more lives are saved. They do this by coming up with new biological weapons that take the place of normal soldiers.


Flenndt Kwösster can use all of the resources throughout the overarching company of Pfussäwinn Witts. Within reason of course. Final decisions about projects go through the leading scientist and are then cleared by the company's president. The president then makes sure that Flenndt Kwösster has everything that it will need.
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Flenndt Kwösster is the Research & Development branch of Pfussäwinn Witts.