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"Yeah, your right. Thanks, Raga," Stala said as she straightened, "Hey, here take this I can't use it or I would have."   "A focusing crystal?" Raga asked.   "Yeah, you know how it works right?" Stala asked.   "You know what I was right?" Raga asked crossing his arms.   "Right, silly me. If you are not going to take it as a gift then take it as a bonus. Ya know for saving my life, twice." Stala placed the crystal in Raga's hand, "See you on the train."   With that, she ran off and Raga placed the crystal in his sword sensing that the loaded spell was Barrier now he will be able to shield his allies.
Barrier is a spell that can shield the caster and if focused enough can shield the caster's allies as well. It is a simple spell that can be of great use to casters that want to protect themselves and others from harm.


Creates a force field to shield the caster when it is cast with only enough magic to shield themself.

Side/Secondary Effects

When more magic is placed in the spell it will be able to protect other people as well with a bigger shield.


The shield looks like a translucent golden force that appears in front of the caster and or their allies.


The spell must be channeled through a caster who is using the spell and maintained with their magic or a Focus Crystal can be used to maintain the spell for a caster so long as there is magic within the crystal. When casters use magic they are drawing from their own supply of magic within their bodies.
Material Components
In order to cast this spell, a caster will need to have a Neutral alignment just to shield themselves. However, to shield others a caster will need an alignment that is Light in order to shield others. Since this is a channeling spell the shield will last as long as the caster can channel the spell so when it comes to protecting a party for a long time casters will use focus crystals with this spell charged in it to do the channeling for them.
Gestures & Ritual
A caster can cross their arms into an "X" shape and say, "Barrier," to use the spell without using a focus crystal. When a caster is using a focus crystal they will only need to say the spell and don't need to do the gesture.
Related Discipline
Related School
Effect Duration
Can be channeled until there is no magic to fuel the spell.
Effect Casting Time
Three Seconds
Close Range
Applied Restriction
Casters who have a Dark alignment will not be able to cast this spell until they swing their alignment to Light.