Schettri Zuvu (ˈskɛttri ˈʦuvu)

Spider Cult, Dark Wave Language


This cult was once the most important cult in Knomm Grähi when Ci Scá Múnt because Solsínabh was the chief deity of Fa Geinn  The leader of the cult was Priests of Solsínabh who were helped by Giustanonne Slaves to preform tasks in the Temple of the Spider Queen.   The worshippers are next important to the cult because of their worship and participation in religious festivals and worship such as the Weaving Preparation and the Drider Rite.

Public Agenda

Solsínabh is an Ancient Dragon and is the patron of her cult that has several agenda in her honor. Her primary goal that she has passed onto her cult is to gather stories and songs in her honor. The cult protects her shrines in enclaves and safe houses where the cult can trade services with each other and further their mission. Since the Dissolvement of Ci Scá Múnt do their mission and work on behalf of the goddess is dangerous as their cult and the rest of Ci Scá Múnt is illegal.   The duties that are important to Schettri Zuvu to seek knowledge and objects of power. This is because Solsínabh wants to collect a wealth of stories and songs to go with all of the magical items that they do collect.   Her network of cultists and followers work together to collect lore and secerts. These are things that they research by tapping into the Spider Queen's knowledge. This knowledge through research is known as her gift and in addition to helping with research it gives her followers a measure of her powers. The sign of this gift of insight is her holy symbol.   Her safe houses are secured gathering places throughout Knomm Grähi where the cult is mostly located. There are a few places outside of that region where the cult is. The cult does have some standing in Der Roch which part of the slums of Nyiltokti. Those in the cult can identify their safe houses and friendly enclaves where they can maintain a modest lifestyle at no cost. In return for this bargain, the cultist must protect the sanctum and guard any secerts within.   Solsínabh is worshipped as a goddess within this cult and others so her followers behave as though they are a part of a religion. Her order comprises Devout Scholars and Relic Collectors who all value knowledge by recoding stories and storing relics in museums. Their goal is to collect rare books mostly related to Fa Geinn as most of their texts were destroyed. They also record stories and the happenings of the gods and their champions. It is not uncommon for a scholar from this cult to work with other cults to record their shared history. They focus on uncovering their artifacts as well and sorting them within the Court of the Spider Queen to protect what they can of their history and lore.   Other perks allow her followers to get free healing at her shrines and enclaves. Most of the Priests that serve in her shrines make sure that all of the followers have the holy symbol, The Hymn of Veglienna, and other books with rites and prayers. The priests of this faith believe that their goddess speaks to them through their songs and works of art in her honor.


The cult and its enclaves and shrines are the only places where Solsínabh's holy symbol can be found along with her scripture The Hymn of Veglienna. The safe houses that they have are remote or well hidden because of their faith being illegal. They don't have much in the way of Slaves anymore but the few that they do have are kept in the enclaves and out of sight. The cult is wealthy enough to sustain itself but they are not that wealthy.


This was a common and widespread religion several thousand years ago that isn't as prominent anymore. It is studied as an old religion but some Chlai Elves still worship her but in the same ways that the Nuossa Nualestota Elves did.

Mythology & Lore

It is believed that Solsínabh is the one who spun Miyla and told the stories that would happen on it.

Divine Origins

This cult is a spin-off from the main Ci Scá Múnt that focuses on the worship of Solsínabh.

Granted Divine Powers

Priests can preform the Alteration ritual that turns Elves into Drider.
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Religious, Cult
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