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Dissolvement of Ci Scá Múnt

"Do to the harm that Ci Scá Múnt and its many cults would cause the mortals of our fair country the religen is now out lawed. If anyone is found praticing this old misguided faith they will be treated like Shelter Breakers."
-Part of the Speech


The up roar from the crowd was loud. If there was one thing that that mortals didn't like it was change. Even if it was change for their own good. The speaker sighed and kept reading from the telepromter.
This document was written to end the practices of the religion Ci Scá Múnt and to disband the dragon house Fa Geinn. This document legally removed all of Fa Geinn's power and removed them as a great house.   The hope was that if the worship of the darker gods was forbidden people would stop doing bad things. If the worship of Qaydith was outlawed it could, in theory, stop people from acting on lust. As an example of the good that was supposed to come from the signing of the document into law.

Document Structure


The document outlaws the religion of Ci Scá Múnt and its many cults. It also makes the practice punishable like Shelter Breakers. Shelter Breakers are those who break Kruchs Söl. The punishment for breaking Shelter is death by Necromancy.

Publication Status

The document is published. It is hard to get a copy to read though. The Black Flight really wants to forget the history that lead to the document being written.
Decree, Religious